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braciszek: I dont like the raketwerfer either. And that does not affect volks' AT ability either.
Today, 07:17 AM
JuanElstretchyNeck: I'd prefer having a fucking AT gun worth building instead of HAVING NO CHOICE BUT TO BLOB VOLKS
Today, 07:15 AM
braciszek: Handheld AT weapons still give too much vet. I can throw away vetted volks knowing i can get their vet back faster than any other unit simplt because a 90 muni weapon guarantees them high vet.
Today, 07:14 AM
taxman66: Regular is a 40 minute game but its slightly uncommon to get multiple squads with vet 5 in a 1v1. Most volks get up to vet 4 before someone makes a mistake. At least from what I've seen. The problem with OKW is not volks, it's their doctrinal inf blobs.
Today, 07:10 AM
Mr. Someguy: Agreed, Vet 5 should be rare, but seeing Vet 5 Volk blobs is a regular occurance.
Today, 07:04 AM
Basilone: +1. Weak Volk squad with Shrek becomes god mode since it hits vet 5 really fast and then it becomes pretty damn elite against infantry at that level.
Today, 06:58 AM
braciszek: Hm? Of course. But AT weapons provide a squad too much vet, even on shots that deflect. It is very detrimental to the normal, hard earnes vet earned through infantry combat.
Today, 06:45 AM
taxman66: Lol 57mm is amazing... It has largest cone of range and fires a lot faster than a zis and slightly slower than a pak. Also, as i showed you the pen is very nice when you vet it up.
Today, 06:38 AM
braciszek: I chuckle when one gets vet on a deflected shot.
Today, 06:28 AM
Mr. Someguy: Yeah Volksgrenadiers Vet up slow as hell when used 'tactically', but give 'em Panzerschrecks and roll 'em into a blob, and you get Vet 3-5 before you know it.
Today, 06:26 AM

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