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Brits Trial ends & OCF Raffle begins in...


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DAZ187: @vasa what gpu bro :foreveralone:
Today, 15:48 PM
vasa1719: pls tell me that it be better optimization than in trial :(
Today, 15:44 PM
vasa1719: Thanks Lelic a lot, who can me explaine how thay kill optimization like nazi jews
Today, 15:43 PM
The_rEd_bEar: You get that when playing the base game to
Today, 15:04 PM
Khan: Anyone else getting input delay when playing Trial?
Today, 14:59 PM
The_rEd_bEar: then again thats what people on these forums like to do, lie and come up with the most ridiculous scenarios that would never happen
Today, 14:55 PM
DAZ187: @ThatRabidPotato i smell lies
Today, 14:55 PM
Corsin: It is UP in 1v1 lol
Today, 14:54 PM
The_rEd_bEar: yeah, you're lying thats one of the most ridiculous thing i ever heard
Today, 14:52 PM
Kisiel: replay or it didn't happen
Today, 14:52 PM

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