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theblitz6794: Relic should just take the week off and not patch this broken game
Today, 19:16 PM
REforever: I was on a massive loss streak whenever I built Obers, but now that I've started building Fusiliers, I've been winning.
Today, 18:49 PM
REforever: This just my personal experience though. Whenever I field Obers, they get squad wiped most of the time which is out of my hands. With Fusiliers, I've never lost one to squad wipes, but to my own lack of micro.
Today, 18:49 PM
Sarantini: anyone miss hte time when shoutbox was full with interesting discussions
Today, 18:48 PM
REforever: With Fusiliers, squad wipes are very unlikely and they still retain impressive anti infantry ability especially when they vet. Their increased weapon ranges and sight also helps a lot.
Today, 18:44 PM
REforever: PanzerFusiliers are better simply because of the fact that they don't get squad wiped as easily. When you field Obers, you're really running on borrowed time. Eventually they'll get squad wiped so you have the make the best of that time.
Today, 18:43 PM
Aerohank: Ubersoldaten are great
Today, 18:36 PM
QueenRatchet123: didnt want it. didnt need it vs sov. i got the one with the ass grens. when they were god
Today, 18:36 PM
REforever: You didn't buy elite troops when it released ages ago? Right, I guess you never played Axis back then, am I right?
Today, 18:26 PM
QueenRatchet123: bout to wreck usf in 1v1's :D
Today, 18:25 PM

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