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KovuTalli: You can see them with Mine detectors but I wouldn't recommend trying to defuse them just destroy them with explosives.
Today, 18:48 PM
Madok: Holy ***! Wow, thanks for clearing that up.
Today, 18:27 PM
Mr. Someguy: yes
Today, 18:24 PM
Madok: General question: Have Soviet Demo charges (the engineer charges) always been invisible?
Today, 18:22 PM
Lenny12346: this update...... gaaaaaaaaaah
Today, 18:00 PM
Frencho: Dammit that "katyusha seriously needs a nerf" thread should be renamed soviet vs german fanboy clash of the ages... what a sadly worthless thread
Today, 17:57 PM
WiFiDi: haha i might ask for one of those but reality is you should be able to exercise self control without one. :) there is a way to do this with your browser maybe even the filter system we hvae can't remember. this was done with certain infamous memebers
Today, 16:51 PM
Katitof: So give ignore function :P
Today, 16:47 PM
WiFiDi: or ignore them all together :D
Today, 16:43 PM
WiFiDi: okay im alsmot done with the user reports. seroiusly as kreatir said if mor epeople walked away there would be alot less of this on the forum. come back when you're calm enough to post :)
Today, 16:41 PM

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