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taxman66: I just had my 5 vet fallshy squad with a zook kill a retreating penal model at greater than sniper range because of attack ground.
Today, 03:26 AM
Basilone: well maybe kittycat should get a job and he could have gotten a new mouse weeks ago. my $40 lacks tons of extra side buttons but it still gets the job done just fine
Today, 01:58 AM
Mr. Someguy: Oh, that sucks
Today, 01:48 AM
eebies: Cataclaw was just in twitch yesterday saying it's because his middle mouse key is busted and he uses it for always turning the map at an angle (which if you ever watched his streams, he did)
Today, 01:39 AM
HappyPhace: I don't know man, I personally didn't enjoy meatspin
Today, 01:26 AM
Eidius: this is the worst website I have ever seen
Today, 01:11 AM
RunToTheSun: He stopped with coh because he feel like it lacks competition. if he stoped streaming completly i dont know. He used to stream CS:GO
Today, 01:10 AM
ferwiner: is there any thread for the bugs spotted in beta?
Today, 01:03 AM
steel: I thought he stopped just because of his mouse?
Today, 00:53 AM
RunToTheSun: yes he did
Today, 00:42 AM

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  • Soviets flag Xoctic
  • U.S. Forces flag xinying
  • Oberkommando West flag L E M O N ?
  • Ostheer flag Dizilluzion
Moscow Outskirts Winter
Moscow Outskirts Winter Honor
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