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Wazzu15: Well riflemen cost more.. Lol why wouldn't they? It's weird because Grens actually outscale Rifles anyways...
Today, 17:11 PM
daspoulos: Gotta say I think allies are easier as well. I have climbed the ranks much higher and win far more games than I could ever hope to as ostheer, which was my main faction.
Today, 16:52 PM
Jason: They suck.
Today, 16:37 PM
Jason: Conscripts & riflemen both beat grens.
Today, 16:36 PM
Wazzu15: Lol agreed, out of the Ostheer "weaknesses" I would most certainly say that the Grens are not apart of that equation
Today, 16:27 PM
Katitof: Likely scrubs are being demolished by more expensive allied infantry and see it as imbalance as ubermenschen shouldn't lose to anyone.
Today, 16:23 PM
Wazzu15: Whats wrong with Grens? Lol i wouldn't say anything is wrong with them, they're some of the best scaling inf in the game. If they were a 5 man they would be unstoppable.
Today, 16:22 PM
Jason: it got nerfed into oblivion.
Today, 16:19 PM
Jason: Ostheer suck now.
Today, 16:17 PM
eddycyf: when i use allies i even can have a drink and smoke, and i can have nearly 1000manpower, but for ostheer even i focus and the infenrtry just fucking so weak,i played germany for a longtime, but now my allies ranks are much higher than axis
Today, 16:13 PM
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  • Soviets flag Crazyman64335"
  • U.S. Forces flag twitch.tv/dbmb_
  • Ostheer flag D U S T Y
  • Ostheer flag L E M O N ?
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