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Sierra: You want some reality, play as Germans in 1v1 or 2v2 , I implore you, just TRY it!
Today, 08:43 AM
Burts: Guys, keep in mind that the isu-152 and Jag is unlikely to stay like this in the beta.
Today, 08:42 AM
Sierra: But they don't, they really fucking don't Not "Strong" enough to stand against hordes of shockcunts, Americunt rifleblobs, getting smashed over and over by priests and kuntyushas, and mass ISU-152's or T-34/76(85) spam + Jackson spam.
Today, 08:42 AM
Rage Hard: @Sierra: That is some serious Allies hating lol, considering Axis have the stronger factions.
Today, 08:41 AM
Sierra: Because Soviets would bitch and moan and cry until they got their way if ISU-152 got nerfed and Jagdtiger didn't get nerfed.
Today, 08:40 AM
Kpen97: why relic why nerf the jag tiger just turned it into a very large paperweight!!!!!!
Today, 08:38 AM
computerheat: :foreveralone:
Today, 08:36 AM
MoerserKarL: :D
Today, 08:32 AM
daathus: Cunt punter. Pretty good 8/10.
Today, 08:32 AM
Sierra: How professional cuntputerheat, you represent your website and community well as "SeniorEditor". Fuckin' Punkass.
Today, 08:28 AM

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  • Soviets flag Xoctic
  • U.S. Forces flag xinying
  • Oberkommando West flag L E M O N ?
  • Ostheer flag Dizilluzion
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