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daspoulos: even guards are imbalanced...
Today, 23:56 PM
sneakking: If you say that you can beat me without those conditions, then prove it.
Today, 23:56 PM
Brachiaraidos: If guards are so OP, go play them and prove it, REboi. Show us what they're made of
Today, 23:56 PM
Brachiaraidos: More to the point, he issued the offer first and you declined that in lieu of your own 'I get to play OPW', so you don't get dignity whatever happens now
Today, 23:55 PM
REforever: I can beat you even if you uyse one of those commanders/units, but I like my 1v1's to be balanced. Shock troops and Guards aren't balanced.
Today, 23:55 PM
sneakking: Are you scared to 1v1 me WITHOUT those conditions?
Today, 23:54 PM
REforever: So you decline my 1v1? It is now known that sneakking is too scared to 1v1 me. I accept your surrender.
Today, 23:53 PM
sneakking: This is why I try to stay off this website: too many idiots, and too many nice people who get brought down by idiots like you.
Today, 23:52 PM
FaustCostBulletin: If you don't accept that you aren't qualified to talk about balance
Today, 23:52 PM
kamk: Nice conditions, LOL.
Today, 23:52 PM

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  • Soviets flag Jesulin
  • Oberkommando West flag -HOI-PauL.a.D
uploaded by jesulin

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