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Cannonade: byba missile platform that dissappeared from a russian official colonade located behind the border. The same platform was later reported witnessed with on missile missing from its system.
Today, 14:27 PM
Cannonade: Yes. Separatists, in particular, kill civilians. When have they not? They are not regular military, not bound by responsibility to oath or nation. Furthermore, findings from impartial examination of the malaysian airliner disaster evidence it was shot down
Today, 14:25 PM
taxman66: "A charming russian? Sexist scumbags" ..."Racism is a western thing - scumbag westerners". Lolwut.
Today, 14:20 PM
CasTroy: and behaviors similar to these are not tolerated and will be dealt with by moderators with suspensions, or in egregious situations, bans.
Today, 14:02 PM
CasTroy: COH2.ORG's philosophy is to allow open discussion amongst our members. Disrupting that open discussion by spamming, flaming, excessively trolling, creating more than one account, posting offensive content, being disrespectful to developers or other users a
Today, 14:01 PM
pussyking: Do separatist kill civilians? Yeah, right, its so natural to kill you own children and women. Get a brain
Today, 13:59 PM
TheSleep3r: I can't read this anymore, bye
Today, 13:58 PM
pussyking: Yeah right, you made a coup in Kiev, install a criminal goverment, start a civil war and call russians for agressors, fuck you
Today, 13:57 PM
TheSleep3r: I fear it is too late for you to not become a pootinator
Today, 13:54 PM
TheSleep3r: It is the separatists backed up by YOUR forces who kill civilians
Today, 13:53 PM

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