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sneakking: And it is so far the only mission I've lost any members permanently, so far.
Yesterday, 23:43 PM
sneakking: @RE I only lost 1 on that mission as well, seemed like a pretty acceptable loss considering the difficulty of that fight. The mission in the forest after that is like 10 times harder imo. 1 mistake and rofl retry
Yesterday, 23:41 PM
The_rEd_bEar: its a slaughter on the steam front, we're losing men all along the sector, I don't think im going to make it, I am running low on funds
Yesterday, 23:33 PM
comm_ash: If you hated selvaria in that mission, just you wait :}
Yesterday, 23:28 PM
Fortune: It's not just a game. This game and its community are one of the few places where I can play against people whom I can honestly say I hate.
Yesterday, 23:28 PM
REforever: Selvaria still killed one of my guys though(Jane to be exact) and wounded 4 others but I managed to beat the mission.
Yesterday, 23:00 PM
REforever: I got past the part I was stuck on. The Desert Duel with the Prince pissed me off at first when I didn't think tactically.
Yesterday, 22:59 PM
sneakking: Did you ever manage to beat the impossible Valkyria Chronicles? I seriously hope that was just rage posting when you said that, I've been playing for 10 hours now and have only encountered 1 mission that has made me have to retry multiple times.
Yesterday, 22:26 PM
REforever: Ubisoft are also being assholes so i'm curious to see if they'll continue to dig their graves further in 2015 or learn from their errors they made this year.
Yesterday, 22:16 PM
REforever: And I pre ordered both of those already. 2014 has been slow for the past few months, so here's hoping 2015 offers more.
Yesterday, 22:15 PM

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