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Ostheer 3 v 3 by Rating (Elo+)
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Alexzandvar: And like hell your werfer will ever get close enough to accurately hit a medi truck
Today, 01:49 AM
Alexzandvar: Werfer has a tech second less cool down I believe
Today, 01:49 AM
Brachiaraidos: I'll admit that the lack of medic trucks makes the werfer less likely to have an easy, tempting target. But if you can spot a major retreat point, a werfer utterly desatroys a retreating american force as it hits the truck area. usually the truck too
Today, 01:42 AM
Brachiaraidos: Werfer has less cooldown unless a recent patch changed that.
Today, 01:41 AM
☭ Калашникова ☭: I might be mistaken but i believe they are the same.
Today, 01:22 AM
miragefla: The PW has what, 10 seconds less cooldown than the Kat?
Today, 01:21 AM
☭ Калашникова ☭: such as firing at a med truck on retreat. pwerfer can't get close enough to fire at the base safely most of the time
Today, 01:20 AM
☭ Калашникова ☭: same could be said about the pwerfer barrage landing. Fire time to connection is faster with kat truck most of the time you will catch them with at least 1 wave. also kats fire at okw trucks so all the payload lands in correct area
Today, 01:19 AM
Brachiaraidos: More targets on the field, quicker barrage, no massive waiting periods. Range aside, I'd much rather have a werfer,
Today, 01:18 AM
Brachiaraidos: By the time the kat's third barrage hits, literally nothing is in the target area nles sit is dumb or dead. The shorter werfer barrage is better, and AFAIK is has less scatter than the katty too
Today, 01:17 AM

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