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About Street Cred and Base Destruction
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Reign of Madness
Before the Reign, Came the Madness
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Friendship and Unity
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Going Against the Grain
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Regia Armata
One for all, all for one
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Just playing for Terror Games
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Most Wanted
Actions speak louder than words
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Federation of Gamers
An international multi-gaming clan
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Pride of the Motherland!
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Where there is power, there is resistance
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Soldiers of Liberty
With a pure heart and a clean soul
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Soldiers Fight!
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Silver Liberation Army
Buy Silver, Crash Banksters
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no casuals
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Nothing to not see here
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Hostile Faction
You Name It We Have It!
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Best Clan in Poland
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Stormcloud Gaming
Friendliest gaming community you will meet...
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The Art of Warfare
Seek and Destroy
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Remember the Name
100% Reason to Remember the Name
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Putting the Game back in MVGame
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se7en sins
Every sin leaves a mark!
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The Angry Bears
Now mauling a game near you
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cohbros/ before ho's
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Stomach Battalion
Stay off our lawn!
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BSB Network
Strength in Unity
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Devils_Brigade: to be honest i would have more fun playing them right now with all the alpha changes even the reverted ones
Today, 20:47 PM
Devils_Brigade: probably not as bad now dusty less people play the game
Today, 20:45 PM
momo4sho: OKW hardest to play 1v1, most punishing, and the weakest faction. EleGiggle
Today, 20:42 PM
iTzDusty: The worst thing about maintaining top 100 ranks in 1v1 is ELO decay/more active people overtaking you. I just gave up long long ago.
Today, 20:39 PM
Alexzandvar: know that feel dusty
Today, 20:23 PM
Devils_Brigade: back in the top 100 okw done with that shit faction
Today, 20:08 PM
iTzDusty: tfw random usf 2v2 queue literally taking as long coho 4v4 axis queue
Today, 20:04 PM
Stormless: Next game of Round 1 coming up shortly
Today, 18:29 PM
Stormless: Tournament is live
Today, 18:29 PM
Icestrike: the art of warfare! tune in at stormless stream
Today, 17:42 PM

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