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BartonPL: no, he meant 9000 T34/80 tanks Kappa
Today, 19:04 PM
KovuTalli: I think he ment 80 T34 Kappa
Today, 19:00 PM
KovuTalli: Anyone else Veto Ettelbruck but keep having to play on it? (I know it can happen due to how automatch works) but it seems every 3-5 maps I get a veto'd map.
Today, 19:00 PM
BartonPL: what's T34/80? :snfBarton:
Today, 18:58 PM
Blysk: and i want to say 2 IS
Today, 18:38 PM
Blysk: Even if i have almost all map most of the game and that pew pew pew sturm infantry WTF
Today, 18:37 PM
Blysk: When im able to build 2 tank destroyers or 1 tiger
Today, 18:36 PM
Blysk: guys how to play OKW against Russians? They always have IS 2 or over 9000 T34/80
Today, 18:36 PM
Siberian: In other words, it's crap? :D
Today, 18:34 PM
Burts: so, more testing with the defensive doc. All of it's abilities are pretty good (except tank traps), however the mini at gun is a little underwhelming.....
Today, 18:30 PM

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