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Gbpirate: What does Puma's aim shot do? I've only seen it temporarily disable the tanks turret... but the puma ran over a mine with a damaged engine, so I just turned my Sherman slightly and fired at the Puma! xD
Today, 17:48 PM
Leepriest: yep
Today, 17:47 PM
KovuTalli: Aimed shot + smoke + Micro = "Doing Nothing" some people who play this game seriously.
Today, 17:37 PM
Sunrain: anyone of u saw that new commander in our loadout? urban breakout doctrine?
Today, 17:36 PM
KovuTalli: Lol when people say Puma is Overpowered because it beats Sherman, I used Aimed shot, Smoke and then got to rear armour while he just let it sit there with no support. Yeah Puma needs a nerf guys and I "did nothing it just won"
Today, 17:36 PM
HYBRIDHAWK6: So. All WFA commanders are purchasable. Unfortunately there is no new Sov/OT Commanders on sale. Those still require War Spoils luck ;/ .
Today, 17:35 PM
HYBRIDHAWK6: Hirmetrium. They are £2.09
Today, 17:33 PM
Hirmetrium: Also still no bundle. Ah well, its a start.
Today, 17:32 PM
Hirmetrium: those commanders are still too much in the UK. Would rather £2.
Today, 17:29 PM
empirescurropt: ltaustinpowers sure man if you up to it i love to team up
Today, 17:28 PM

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