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FriedRise: @akula - yeah seems like there was a bug that made them more accurate and durable. now they'll be neither, so it'll feel like a double nerf for a while
Today, 15:31 PM
Mr +: in notes patch is set on 31st but...
Today, 15:30 PM
FriedRise: the katyusha changes seem fair. it'll still be lethal, just won't wipe squads as frequently
Today, 15:29 PM
akula: wait so the USF HMG will die easier now AND do have less accuracy? or what
Today, 15:29 PM
Mr +: stuka damage must be lowered
Today, 15:28 PM
Katitof: hm interesting notes, that explains why USF HMG felt so deadly
Today, 15:27 PM
KovuTalli: "I'm top 10 with all factions" *checks Coh2.org no where to be seen* His previous steam Id's were all rages about Balance too lol.
Today, 15:27 PM
KovuTalli: Wow what fucking retards you meet in 2v2 queue. Think they know everything in the world.
Today, 15:23 PM
Von Sturm: ... seriously, relic makes shit ... from over nerf to over buff and vice-versa.
Today, 15:22 PM
BartonPL: update only 55mb?
Today, 15:22 PM

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