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Swiftsabre: Yeah, was in a 1v1 and I just got chucked out. I call hax!
Today, 01:26 AM
sombrabrz: disconnecting constantly
Today, 01:26 AM
Jadame!: dont autoamtch if you care for ranks boys
Today, 01:25 AM
Tristan44: is any1 else constantly getting disconnected?
Today, 01:25 AM
Jadame!: and all i wanted is too drink some tea and play some cozy op brits
Today, 01:25 AM
Mittens: love these serverszz
Today, 01:24 AM
Serifin: Same, we just dropped as well
Today, 01:24 AM
Jadame!: you have been disconected
Today, 01:24 AM
Apfelsaft: hard problems... 3rd drop now within 10 mins
Today, 01:24 AM
Croaker: Relic server having problem OpieOP
Today, 01:12 AM

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