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Burts: And also, lenny beat cruzz on 1v1 with partisans.
Today, 20:28 PM
Burts: Granted, say, it's not as effective as shock rifle or gaurds motor, however, it's simply alot more fun.
Today, 20:27 PM
Burts: and about that "right click", you know, in an armoured engagement, the last thing you want is some guys popping at your rear and you have to turn your turret to fight them and not the tank itself...
Today, 20:25 PM
Burts: if maxims are "OP" versus OKW , theres practically no reason dushkas aren't
Today, 20:24 PM
Burts: ranked 98th on soviet 1v1 atm
Today, 20:21 PM
Burts: didin't really use it in a 2 digit rank bracket, however i have used it around the ~100 range.
Today, 20:20 PM
Katitof: with 50% less accuracy on partisans and beleive me, I want this doctirne to work because I love it, but it simply does not work against half decent players who aren't blind.
Today, 20:20 PM
Katitof: You didn't really used it in 2 digit rank bracket? Anyone who can right click can hardcounter partisans and 3 PTRS on 4 man squad is last thing I want to fight with Tigers and panthers. Partisans are simply horrible doctrine that is additionaly penalized
Today, 20:19 PM
Burts: once again, it's usefull because it lets you entirely skip tier 2 and still get everything you need from it. It doesn't change the fact that a T-34 + m-42 will win versus a PIV.
Today, 20:19 PM
Burts: also, PTRS doesn't have 60 range, doesn't have such a penetration, doesn't have the RoF because the PTRS gaurds like to get killed alot.
Today, 20:18 PM

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