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No Profanity Number of Shouts
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Onne81: when will there be a new SNF?
Today, 18:00 PM
AmiPolizeiFunk: 10 more followers and I give away a @companyheroes #COH2 Oberkommando West key! #morefollowersthantweets I'll simply tweet it, so 1st come 1st serve...
Today, 18:00 PM
Bulgakov: Tiger and ISU are absolutely different. How are they the same? Range, Damage, turret, speed, splash, all different.
Today, 17:58 PM
MoBo111: kamk are you trying to troll? cause the tiger doesn't even come close at oneshotting infantry squads
Today, 17:56 PM
kamk: Tiger and ISU are pretty much the same tank. Who cares about a bit less range, and any kind of other stats.
Today, 17:50 PM
Kronosaur0s: Tiger has a range of 70? armatak? o.0
Today, 17:31 PM
Katitof: rotations ended, no more of them for now
Today, 17:27 PM
TopBadger: DEAD
Today, 17:27 PM
treiber: any one knows whrere are the rotation comanders are?
Today, 17:24 PM

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  • Soviets flag -HOI-ZarkCloud
  • Ostheer flag aSIIRunToTheSun
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