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cataclaw: http://www.hitbox.tv/cataclaw Wafflicious
Today, 02:05 AM
Seph: ivan where is my stream you promised earlier MVGame
Today, 02:03 AM
VonIvan: Waffles
Today, 01:33 AM
IpKaiFung: 2on2 weekend cup number 3! http://www.esl.eu/eu/coh2/news/240971/
Today, 01:12 AM
FestiveLongJohns: Company of indirect fire. The cd is quite a bit longer on the nebel, felt like ages between barrages
Today, 01:11 AM
FestiveLongJohns: Yeah seriously
Today, 01:10 AM
m00: JEEZ FESTIVE!! such a dumb game lol
Today, 00:58 AM
WiFiDi: wheres the whineing and complaining i need more tears :D
Today, 00:43 AM
VonMecha: Stug III E is now an assault gun! Awesome!!
Today, 00:34 AM
braciszek: Sherman is great t34 alternative. It is super speedy, and has great AI.
Yesterday, 23:28 PM

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  • Soviets flag Ginnungagap
  • Soviets flag Corp.Shephard
  • Ostheer flag BroVVn
  • Ostheer flag CPU - hard
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