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taxman66: Me: If the Queen of England told you to shoot yourself in the face, would you do it? REforever in Steam chat: Yes. She is the highest authority on the planet... Lol The autism is strong!
Today, 03:53 AM
braciszek: What, you were expecting something sensible from the forum fool?
Today, 02:32 AM
taxman66: Because bashing in someone's head in overseas, who you do not know is really going to help the human race...Nationalism is the worst form of collectivism. "I will die for the place within the geographical border in which my parents fucked!"
Today, 02:23 AM
adrian23: well ostheer is kinda crap ... at least in 1v1's
Today, 02:14 AM
mrgreenpath: "panther can kill sherman in one shot"
Today, 02:07 AM
mrgreenpath: everytime ostheer player cries "soviet takes no skill" then "tiger could take out 100 t34s in real life" if the game was realistic it would be shit
Today, 02:07 AM
turbotortoise: at what cost?
Today, 01:51 AM
REforever: If by the grace of God, are we able to achieve interstellar travel, we can expand throughout the galanxy; no one will be exempt from human superiority.
Today, 01:50 AM
REforever: If nationalism causes major conflicts, it will shape world events and eventually scientific advancements will progress at a staggering rate.
Today, 01:49 AM
REforever: If you're against nationalism, you're against the human species surviving. Humans thrive in conflict and chaos; it's what we're best suited for since we're the apex predators on this planet.
Today, 01:49 AM

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  • Soviets flag Jesulin
  • Oberkommando West flag -HOI-PauL.a.D
uploaded by jesulin

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