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tengen: only some bulletins stack, some do not.
Today, 03:45 AM
Napalm: Gone back to a pure conscript opening. I've forgotten the thrill of throwing bottles of flaming vodka.
Today, 03:16 AM
AchtAchter: yes they stack
Today, 03:09 AM
taxman66: does anyone know for certain whether any bulletins stack?
Today, 03:00 AM
daspoulos: Go watch the replay I just put up
Today, 01:49 AM
braciszek: Soviets having 3 strats isnt that fun, though...
Today, 01:47 AM
daspoulos: oh and also scripts need 9% accuracy removed
Today, 01:45 AM
daspoulos: Even in 2v2, soviets are pretty good, I'd say the only faction in need of help is US late game, nothing else
Today, 01:45 AM
Fortune: Lenny go to bed
Today, 01:40 AM
Lenny12346: Well, It's good to have it on some squads, not all since they are bad defenders. They don't really work in my setup, but it's an OK upgrade if you have the right commander in the right strategy :3
Today, 01:25 AM

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Replay highlight

  • Soviets flag Artemius
  • Soviets flag Nirvana&
  • Soviets flag SOVIET
  • Ostheer flag gluecksbringer1
  • Ostheer flag Dr. Dirlewanger
  • Oberkommando West flag Zaza
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