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OCF Winner's Interview with DevM in...


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I<3CoH: Well as long as he wont be allowed to participate in any future .org tournaments im fine :)
Today, 21:35 PM
turbotortoise: he gets away with is pretty disgraceful by my account...
Today, 21:27 PM
turbotortoise: barton's just the sort to not care. Remember his conduct during the alpha test? He rode into town on a jet bike made of middle fingers with his troll jaw sparking on the ground and he recieves near as makes no difference 0 reprimand. His behaviour and what
Today, 21:27 PM
Vaits: true @ <444>3CoH
Today, 20:59 PM
I<3CoH: What is much worse than abusing exploits in automatch is making soap-related promises and not keeping them IMO
Today, 20:46 PM
rush: 200$ for this game (i have all skins and dlc) so the least i can expect is having a fully functioning product , all i'm asking for is a simple bug fix , really simple bug fix trust me.
Today, 20:15 PM
rush: @Basilone well i paid like 200
Today, 20:14 PM
rush: @b
Today, 20:13 PM
AngryKitten465: I fear the next patch, what will it break now Kappa
Today, 20:07 PM

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  • The British Forces flag Insane Aimstrong
  • Ostheer flag Insane DevM
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