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iTzDusty: Duffys right now, but imgrowing it back out Kreygasm
Yesterday, 22:43 PM
HolyUnlyrical_Lyrics: MVDane
Yesterday, 22:40 PM
steel: Whose beard is better? Duffy's or Dusty's? :snfQuinn:
Yesterday, 22:38 PM
Looney: Oh those 2s winrates though lol, even sov have trouble with hmg42s I see
Yesterday, 22:26 PM
Looney: Aren't the winrates kinda even right now in 1s?
Yesterday, 22:25 PM
iTzDusty: Aka 789689321 things going wrong
Yesterday, 22:21 PM
kamk: Or basically just MM screwing up... *cough* 3v3 / 4v4 :'(
Yesterday, 22:20 PM
iTzDusty: Plus does that site even count AT stats? I couldnt give a rats ass about random 2v2 stats, sicne theres like 100 different things that can go wrong with commander choice and faction selection without queueing as a team
Yesterday, 22:14 PM
FichtenMoped: Greentexts Kreygasm
Yesterday, 22:13 PM
iTzDusty: > Isn't someone who only plays one faction. > Somehow a dumbass. > Looks at stats > One week of new MG42 > People still not using smoke grenades as USF > Circle continues >No greentext in shoutbox
Yesterday, 22:12 PM

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