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FestiveLongJohns: Thanks Taxman, the pak 43 would have really been a game changer I agree
Today, 07:57 AM
taxman66: Great cast. That was a pretty intense game. Would have liked some better use of the doctrine though. Pak43 would have made it interesting.
Today, 07:53 AM
HerpmanTheGermman: so what youre saying is i should spam at guns and attack ground in a circular motion?
Today, 07:28 AM
FestiveLongJohns: Yeah I had the same issue with an ATG shell clipping through the ground and hitting my luchs twice in a row way past its firing range
Today, 07:26 AM
Cruzz: I don't actually mind the fact that the atgun shells travel according to physics past their max range...but this one went into the ground near the sturmpios (you can't see the round past them anymore) but still hit the vehicle ;)
Today, 07:19 AM
FestiveLongJohns: Trying my hand at shoutcasting with my boy IcemanJoker. Give it a watch, feedback appreciated :D http://www.coh2.org/topic/23252/team-rng-shoutcasts/page/1#post_id208287
Today, 07:01 AM
taxman66: Shreks could go for 100 metres in BK Mod if you attacked ground. Just 1 shot a sherman 2 sectors away...Those were the days <444>3
Today, 06:55 AM
steel: Blobs are nothing to me
Today, 06:55 AM
steel: Don't worry. I always defeat them without much effort.
Today, 06:54 AM
FestiveLongJohns: Another trending with an ATG shell traveling way past its mark and hitting a vehicle, and yet people continue to dismiss it as bad RNG. This is really happening way to often and needs to be looked into
Today, 06:51 AM

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