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SteinerGER: correct. i m still unsure about the early game balance yadda mentioned in the patchnotes. rifles will still overpower grens and volks early game and make it hard to come back. but we will see its all guessing atm
Today, 04:57 AM
Cyanara: I feel that frequent minor adjustments that at least reduce imbalances would prove much more desirable than infrequent grand changes that risk overcorrecting and stay that way for ages.
Today, 04:29 AM
Cyanara: Yeah, I have to say that I would greatly prefer a more iterative approach to balance patching from Relic.
Today, 04:26 AM
SteinerGER: topkek. that was some kind of a let down
Today, 04:19 AM
FestiveLongJohns: That being said, the changes all look good on paper, I just hope we don't have to wait another 6 months for another balance patch. Here's to hoping the call in meta (Ost, Soviet) gets addressed soon.
Today, 04:12 AM
FestiveLongJohns: Wanna know why they are reacting like that? Because it's the solid info we have been given for 6 months. If this was a monthly patch instead of a bi-annual patch the reaction wouldn't be nearly as strong.
Today, 04:06 AM
beemer8: @festive :) look at how the community is reacting to this small patch , lol some are saying the worlds over :S... they give us anything bigger then this would be like a nuke.
Today, 04:03 AM
FestiveLongJohns: @Napalm: I understand what you're getting at, but you don't have to let your yeast rise for 6 months because you're prepping something else...It speaks to Relic's priorities and it doesn't fill me with confidence
Today, 03:49 AM
akula: anyone think vet 3 grens with lmgs + riflenades are a bit silly powerful?
Today, 03:39 AM
Volsky: @FestiveLongJohns we, as a community, basically were able to figure out this exact patch inside of a few weeks. This is just...sad
Today, 03:29 AM

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