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WiFiDi: aussimg that becuse people are playing axis when thats has always been the case is caused soley by okw getting buffed is silly. is all im saying
Today, 11:54 AM
KovuTalli: I'll give it a go armatak. It's more annoying cause my PC freak out and asks me if I want to run repairs when all it is, is Coh2s bad coding. Never used to happen just with Wfa launch, didn't even happen in Wf alpha.
Today, 11:49 AM
Spearhead: *no
Today, 11:46 AM
Spearhead: wifidi: okay, lets just pretende there is a logical cause for it
Today, 11:46 AM
armatak: Make a shortcut to "?:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Company of Heroes 2\RelicCoH2.exe" and start game trough that. Does that help?
Today, 11:46 AM
KovuTalli: Real sick of Coh2 locking up on start up and forcing me to restart my PC. I have good specs too so it isn't my hardware :/
Today, 11:44 AM
WiFiDi: they will always play more axis than allies thats h ow its always been no matter how unbalanced it is there willa lways be someone playing axis not so much for allies :)
Today, 11:37 AM
Spearhead: relic logic: hey, 11% are still playing allies, lets really buff axis
Today, 11:36 AM
This isn't taken: nothing, they gave it peanuts - which is good because elefants like peanuts
Today, 10:51 AM
The Shape: what did they do to the elefant?
Today, 10:47 AM

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