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Basilone: they can ban people for whatever they want
Today, 19:28 PM
rush: Quentin u r not going to get banned for using the bug once, repeatedly abusing it will result in a ban .
Today, 19:28 PM
FeelMemoryAcceptance: Most of Players don't know they can be bann for this too
Today, 19:27 PM
MoerserKarL: dude they can ban whoever they want.capish?
Today, 19:27 PM
FeelMemoryAcceptance: it's their game, if it's in the game, Players have 0 responsability on IT. You can't bann people by using something possible in the game
Today, 19:26 PM
Von Kluge: Yes let's ban a company :foreveralone:
Today, 19:25 PM
rush: you would've lost to barton anw , no offense
Today, 19:24 PM
FichtenMoped: QUentin pls stfu you know nothing about this shit srsly you people piss me off so much
Today, 19:24 PM
rush: stop hating on barton guys , it's not cool
Today, 19:24 PM
FeelMemoryAcceptance: RELIC need to be bann for this bug not Players, thanks you
Today, 19:23 PM

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