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Burts: altho coh 2 allready has some nonsense like shermans and t-34s having less armour than a PIV, panthers having less armor than a tiger.
Today, 10:18 AM
Australian Magic: But SC is about "Who is clicking faster" - that's not what RTS should be
Today, 10:18 AM
Burts: WW2 games are also alot harder to balance because you also have to look at how the units performed in reality. It wouldn't make sense if for example, an isu-152 had less penetration or damage than an IS-2
Today, 10:16 AM
Burts: the only reason the gameplay is better is because it's about WW2, starcraft factions are better designed, they have a higher skill cap, and are much more complex, in-depth.
Today, 10:13 AM
HappyPhace: in every single way? I wouldn't say that, thats down to preference. there are some things you could say are objectively better like their replay system, observer mode etc. but gameplay is subjective
Today, 10:12 AM
Burts: Why bother with some kind of restraints at all then? Just ditch the whole ww2 thing and go create some fantasy bullshit.
Today, 10:11 AM
Burts: however, its a ww2 rts, therefore, it has to have things in common with reality. If you want an RTS, go play starcraft, that game is better than coh 2 in every single way. However, coh 2 is a historical RTS, therefore i prefer coh 2
Today, 10:10 AM
Cassius: Therre was once a bug with the B4, if you pressed stop at the right moment it still fired, but had no cooldown. Don´t know if this is still the case though.
Today, 10:10 AM
Thunderhun: Let's be honest, this is an RTS, not a simulator
Today, 10:01 AM
Scotie: It hasn't any recharge time. You can literally firing every 10 seconds and rape your opponent.
Today, 09:57 AM

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