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BabaRoga: You can either learn something or continue talking nonsence, I am out
Today, 11:32 AM
BabaRoga: Nobody can tell when they lose 32 byte packet that tells your processor what to do with 50Kb of information you have received. 1KB = 1000 bytes. You lose packets all the time, most of the time its a dot on your game, every once in a while its instructions
Today, 11:31 AM
Aerohank: Cán you though?
Today, 11:27 AM
Flamee: Sierra, go check site rules for a while again.
Today, 11:26 AM
Sierra: I can tell the difference between a regular sync-error and disconnect and something that looks suspiciously like a drophack.
Today, 11:21 AM
BabaRoga: thats called sync-error, which is different to losing connection....
Today, 11:17 AM
BabaRoga: Obviously you don't understand what network packet is. You don't need to lose connection to lose packets. Your ISP can dump packets when network is overloaded and you won't get information. Even tho you are not connected
Today, 11:17 AM
Sierra: Actually I would, I normally get a "connection lost, attempting to reestablish" message in game. This time it was nothing, just a random "defeated"
Today, 11:11 AM
BabaRoga: You only need to lose couple of packets of information (bits) to sync out. You would never even notice you lost connection for half a sec
Today, 11:09 AM
Sierra: I thought that Aerohank, my net has been tricky lately. Thing is, when it does, my modem shows lights and craps out. That wasn't the case this round.
Today, 09:38 AM

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