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braciszek: Crap, i meant "Kappa"
Yesterday, 23:44 PM
braciszek: Irregular's DP MVGame
Yesterday, 23:44 PM
sneakking: Give cons an LMG or get rid of the Obers in this game. Such a bullshit unit. Lose all my territory and cons on retreat to 1 unit which I don't have a counter for until another 2-3 minutes.
Yesterday, 23:37 PM
medhood: rakettenwerfer or rush for a shrek so your volks can fight them off
Yesterday, 23:36 PM
Nefer: *kuch, kuch* rakettenwerfer * kuch* *looks at hand*....... * sees blood*
Yesterday, 23:35 PM
taxman66: Give volks a faust or get rid the of m3 in this game. Such a bullshit unit. Lose all my territory and volks on retreat to 1 unit which i dont have a counter for unti l another 2-3 minutes. great.
Yesterday, 23:19 PM
FaustCostBulletin: So I can OHKO IS-2 too... And it causes abandons a lot so I am assuming it is coded to cause crits, one of which is abandonment.
Yesterday, 23:03 PM
FaustCostBulletin: Amusingly enough vet does nothing to Sturm. I would have liked a damage increase at like Vet 5
Yesterday, 23:03 PM
FaustCostBulletin: RIP my Sturmtiger, had 9 vehicle kills in a 2v2
Yesterday, 23:02 PM
taxman66: Unless your name is Jaeger Light Winfantry MVGame
Yesterday, 22:50 PM

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