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KMA OptimuS PrimE: well getting banned for askign who he is that´s NOT what we need
Today, 18:12 PM
medhood: Alot of the CoH2 community are trying to help him learn but of course we also had some bad eggs while he is a little edgy and a bit of a wierdo its his stream he can run it however
Today, 18:12 PM
Wulpenstein: What is this talk of casting? MVGame
Today, 18:11 PM
Von Kluge: Danny should I take a shower before casting?
Today, 18:10 PM
medhood: Stormless, alot of people were banned from his channel and so alot of members are salty but I wasnt Im #Free
Today, 18:09 PM
Stormless: And doggy! ty
Today, 18:09 PM
Stormless: Thank you Medhood! Appreciated
Today, 18:09 PM
A_E: I like this guy, great attitude to learning 1v1, and he's doing it live, with an existing fanbase. Shit like that will generate fans.
Today, 18:09 PM
Stormless: btw WhatDothLife EXP is totally against toxicity. And he calls anyone out who displays that kind of behaviour. Also having a big streamer love this game is EXACTLY what is needs. Show some love please
Today, 18:09 PM

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  • U.S. Forces flag [TATUŚ] G.dot
  • Soviets flag Brayalex.
  • The British Forces flag Skabinsk
  • Oberkommando West flag SoE-Blackstorm-
  • Ostheer flag SoE-Sturmpanther-
  • Ostheer flag SoE-RedT3rror-
uploaded by Sturmpanther