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REforever: Also, you were bashing David in the match for no reason. David is a top10 2v2 ranked player and you were trashing him in chat all game. Learn some manners.
Today, 04:53 AM
REforever: Lol, you were the 1000 ranker and your teammate? No wonder it was easy. Anyways, I carried David and that's a Canadian fact.
Today, 04:52 AM
taxman66: Hey, I'm not the one who came on here you boast about being carried. It was 2x 1000 rankers against 2 <100 rankers. You were complaining the entire match. I was just having fun. The only tactics you employed was vet bonus to taxman66 ++
Today, 04:50 AM
REforever: I made important tactical decisions. It's not about who does the most damage.
Today, 04:49 AM
REforever: I loved your tears as you were raging in-game. Thanks for increasing my rank as well. It was a pretty easy match.
Today, 04:49 AM
taxman66: It's impossible to carry someone when you do 1/3 of their damage output and twice their loses.
Today, 04:49 AM
REforever: So winning the match is considered doing badly as OKW? I won, you lost...accept it.
Today, 04:48 AM
taxman66: How the hell do you do badly as OKW on Minsk? Plox tell us
Today, 04:48 AM
REforever: Again,. I carried David.
Today, 04:47 AM
taxman66: You got carried in a game as Axis on Minsk pocket. You better sign up for the $1000 1v1 tourney then. MVGame
Today, 04:47 AM

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