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COH2.ORG will take any action considered necessary, when dealing with bugs/exploits which impact upon game balance by favouring players using them, which enforcement includes, but is not limited to making threads, posts, replays and stream links invisible, and/or locking them, including reporting users to Relic Entertainment. Our main goal is to favour fair competition and to increase the popularity of the game to a point where it to reach eSports levels: disallowing bugs/exploits use is simply the natural consequence of our goal.

Cheating is absolutely not allowed and anyone found to be cheating, publicly accusing others of cheating, or posting links to third party cheats, will be removed. Please report cheating directly to Relic via email: If you are not sure about whether or not you should post something on COH2.ORG, it's always best to PM a COH2.ORG Admin to ask first.

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Jadame!: thats funny how relic 2nd patch in a row tosess awful maps into 4v4
Today, 05:42 AM
Jadame!: well another map in permaban
Today, 05:42 AM
NorthWeapon: minus all the good parts of those maps
Today, 05:40 AM
NorthWeapon: Sittard Summer is the worst map of all time, I have never... it's a combination of Hochwald Gap and The Schlecht
Today, 05:40 AM
Today, 05:39 AM
daspoulos: please stop with the boinging
Today, 05:30 AM
Sierra: @sneakking, because I pay attention to the details of where every person in this community is from?
Today, 05:29 AM
rshunter313: no way me too
Today, 05:04 AM
taxman66: The Boing sound on the forums is getting annoying now lol
Today, 05:02 AM
Fortune: What a coincidence! Me too!
Today, 04:49 AM

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  • Soviets flag [TAW] Beria L. P.
  • Oberkommando West flag HelpingHans
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