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Ohme: That was in regards to the KT, I'm talking about getting 4 allied mediums out by the 10m mark (as was originally stated). I'm just challenging the idea because there has been so much exageration lately, and it just fuels the arguing fanbois.
Today, 21:41 PM
ludd3emm: Nvm, didn't read far back in this shoutbox.
Today, 21:40 PM
ludd3emm: Ohme, he said it was possible with a "good" Luftwaffe player. I assume he ment when they play Axis but you are correct about your comparison with Allied medium armor.
Today, 21:37 PM
Ohme: Exaggerated claims are a big part of why balance discussions break down.
Today, 21:18 PM
Ohme: @queen: You changed the time frame, first it was 10m mark, now its 13m. Those 3 minutes equate to a tank and a half with the fuel income you reported, very different from 4 tanks at 10m. You shouldn't make assumptions about what I don't realize.
Today, 21:18 PM
What Doth Life?!: hater the satchel price reduction? it doesn't work
Today, 21:13 PM
Hater: I took 3 cheaper explo bulletins for penaks and price is still 45. is it normal?
Today, 21:03 PM
Mr. Someguy: Cynthia said it somewhere, but I can't find it now.
Today, 20:45 PM
QueenRatchet123: sometimes we have to give som map. but yea. u can get 4 tanks in 10-13min
Today, 20:34 PM
QueenRatchet123: @ohme. i dont think u realize wat can be done with a +47 fuel income or more
Today, 20:31 PM

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