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Rage Hard: Shoks aren't godlike either, Falls and Obers rip them apart before they can get close, especially with smart nades
Today, 10:05 AM
computerheat: Mo' casts. Luvnest v. Angreifen: http://www.coh2.org/topic/18151/computerheat-shoutcasts/post/235671 by KilrathiSoldier & yours truly.
Today, 09:55 AM
Morderian: no^^, in ww2 it was more like you are an office and get an KCH good for you promotion underway if you were Schulz the poor infantry man then that couls end in an suicide mission because one of the officers believes to much in propaganda^^
Today, 09:46 AM
kamk: What? The immortal KCs from COH1 weren't real?
Today, 09:42 AM
Morderian: itis a fantasy game i only say railway artillery and its effect or pioneers with mp40 losing cqc against bols action squads but thats the saem with knightcross holders in vcoh also not really historical correct
Today, 09:42 AM
kamk: Sarantini, it was pretty funny ^^
Today, 09:41 AM
Sierra: If you can't even stay authentic to History, then this may as well be a fantasy game.
Today, 09:40 AM
Morderian: thanks for history sierra bit i know that but it has nothing to do with their ingame role you couls also name knightscross holders or whatever f their role ist cannonfooder then that is their role uf their role is super soldiers then that is their role it
Today, 09:38 AM
Sierra: Then that just further brings to light your stupidity and lack of professionalism. You honestly don't deserve to have the "strategist" tag. Nothing but fuckin' shame and pity.
Today, 09:36 AM
Sarantini: yeah i thought it was pretty funny
Today, 09:35 AM

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