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chipwreckt: the polarization is real, vs top 1- 20 players or vs rank 10000+ players ;D
Today, 19:45 PM
Von Kluge: *pets jaedrik*
Today, 19:41 PM
Fusionhero: Why is relic so fucking bad
Today, 19:38 PM
Jaedrik: Amen, Corsin. The mods / rules here are so nice / good. Except for Kluge. OpieOP
Today, 19:30 PM
Corsin: So glad this site exists lol.... the official site is ran and moderated by total windowlickers
Today, 19:19 PM
1[][]: it sure is tough getting bulletin drops...
Today, 19:18 PM
Von Kluge: caw caw
Today, 19:17 PM
Jaedrik: Even if the weap. crew's small arms are crap compared to their non-crew equivalents.
Today, 19:15 PM
Jaedrik: There should be a way to let target vehicles vehicles use their mgs vs infantry. Also PaK crews to smart target infantry with their small arms. D:
Today, 19:14 PM
Jaedrik: Aye aye! Also, did you guys know that the elefant has an MG, and it's baller as heck? : http://www.coh2-stats.com/small_arms/mg34_hull_mp vs http://www.coh2-stats.com/small_arms/grenadier_mg42lmg_mp
Today, 19:13 PM
!Discussing the Alpha is not advised and may lead to penalties.

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