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WhySooSerious: please follow milk please kappa i always wondered what he looked like keepo
Today, 05:42 AM
WhySooSerious: so you have to experiment or ask people like cruzz if you want to know if they stack or not
Today, 05:42 AM
WhySooSerious: same bulletins do stack but only certain duplicates can stack
Today, 05:41 AM
WhySooSerious: http://www.twitch.tv/milkplease/ follow and you get to see isaac's face
Today, 05:41 AM
daspoulos: I don't think same bulletins stack, but ones like a 4% increase pen and a 3% pen will
Today, 05:07 AM
ImSkemo: but i already had 4% penetration common bulletin but in this case it stacked up when used together
Today, 04:38 AM
ImSkemo: i unlocked a rare general jackson bullentin with 4# penetration
Today, 04:37 AM
taxman66: I just had a 1v1. Some fun. 2 KT's against 2 IS2s. So Vet. Much unit preservation. Wow.
Today, 04:28 AM
Ohme: My virgin eyes von... the profanity of it all....
Today, 04:26 AM
VonIvan: dfsklsdjflsdfj
Today, 04:24 AM

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  • Ostheer flag Dr. Dirlewanger
  • Oberkommando West flag Zaza
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