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kamk: The balancing issues aren't even the problem. Plenty of people seem to be stuck in using temporarily OP units.
Today, 21:27 PM
empirescurropt: this alout of option agisnt tanks you nedd rakets? that get flamers art our just die it vs a sherman our get flanked easy our you canot stun veicles it and cost 270mp!!
Today, 21:26 PM
Thunderhun: To sum it up: they are just ruining their own work over and over again
Today, 21:25 PM
Thunderhun: I'm not crying about the Kübel, that's just one little problem....but Relic succesfully adds more than they solve. With proper testing these could be avoided
Today, 21:24 PM
kamk: You got Volks, doctrinal wise they even become versatile. You got Raks, and JPs, and later Panther and KT + doctrinal tanks. What else do you need?
Today, 21:24 PM
empirescurropt: i did rage the lasp patch i trulçy stop playing coh2 for some time soo i download sc2 !! and play it but must say this "in this world we live in theres not a game like coh2 " im a huge fan from coh wen coh2 first beta i was disapointed but im were!!
Today, 21:23 PM
iTzDusty: @Thunder those were easy because they were isolated problems. Overall balance is still bad right now, not just because of the Kubel. What im trying to say is that perfect balance wont just appear if we nerf the kubel, which is why theres still a lot longer
Today, 21:22 PM
braciszek: A marder would simply be a weaker jagdpanzer.
Today, 21:22 PM
Sarantini: I just got this ad on this site, wtf http://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/simgad/10133436516680871684
Today, 21:22 PM
Thunderhun: OKW has OP Puma, what else do you need?
Today, 21:22 PM

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