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The_rEd_bEar: Considering how toxic the vcoh and dow2 forums got, I think they're use to it
Today, 18:08 PM
Werdandi: yea they've spent almost year and game is still far from balance, but we should be grateful for their effort...
Today, 18:07 PM
m00: And I could only imagine what their lives are reading all this garbage and how much hate the players have for them, they have spent a great amount of time money creating this game and people just constantly belittle and bash them
Today, 18:03 PM
TNrg: let's just see how long it takes to balance the game after the western fronts
Today, 18:02 PM
m00: since this game has a much smaller community than say SC2, it's more personal with the players and developers
Today, 18:02 PM
m00: I would say they are pretty unique to most gaming communities
Today, 18:01 PM
FestiveLongJohns: I think the community response is a result of Relics process. I highly doubt that the coh2 players are all that unique in comparison to other gaming communities.
Today, 17:49 PM
bilsantu: Man, why can't they make surgical precision balance changes as soon as it's needed. =/
Today, 17:42 PM
DandyFrontline: The balance is broken and its takes month to fix it -_-
Today, 17:41 PM
Inverse: Can't blame the community for not liking it.
Today, 16:36 PM

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