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Inverse: You should read A Spy Among Friends, great book about Philby and SIS during WWII and the Cold War.
Today, 15:00 PM
turbotortoise: i've always wanted to visit bletchly park... thanks for giving me another reason. you keep my reading comprehension on its toes, stopping me from going (more) senile.
Today, 14:44 PM
sneakking: http://imgur.com/TQKkXMN Here's one I made a while ago, product of a 2v2 in the alpha. NDA leak :snfPeter:
Today, 14:15 PM
sneakking: I've used that program before Nigo, it's reallycool.
Today, 14:11 PM
kamk: Thanks nigo. Really great stuff to play around with.
Today, 14:09 PM
empirescurropt: turbotortoise you love reading my post dude i now you like ^^ i will keep up damage you guys brain
Today, 14:04 PM
empirescurropt: turbo tortoise: you need the enigma machine bro ^^
Today, 13:54 PM
Katitof: Nice link Nigo :)
Today, 12:42 PM
dasheepeh: pretty much
Today, 11:56 AM
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  • Ostheer flag D U S T Y
  • Ostheer flag L E M O N ?
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