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Rewind Masters Jes vs. Luv + more
Event in Progress


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kreatiir: SUPERCUP starting @ RewindTV! Let's rock!
Today, 20:26 PM
Thunderhun: EZ mod for soviets on Rewind.
Today, 20:15 PM
KovuTalli: It wasn't just custom games, I've laddered with Napalm as Axis before.
Today, 20:07 PM
computerheat: It's part of a larger series on E-Sports. Kewl.
Today, 19:51 PM
computerheat: Front-page NYT story about E-Sport: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/31/technology/esports-explosion-brings-opportunity-riches-for-video-gamers.html ...even if it is focused on Dota 2 :p
Today, 19:02 PM
devlish: http://prntscr.com/4i1p8u excelent work on the ladder!! Well done Relic!
Today, 18:45 PM
Winterfeld: Pizza is ordered, snacks are out, beer is in the fridge! I am ready for Rewind Masters! ;)
Today, 18:21 PM
AmiPolizeiFunk: I'm looking forward to Jesulin vs. Luvnest tonight on Rewind Masters ^^^^^^^ :snfAmi:
Today, 18:12 PM
MajorDONG: You go albus MVGame
Today, 18:10 PM
Albus: @Napalm Hah. A 2v2 isn't a way to settle a skill dispute. If you actually want to prove you can play, challenge me to a 1v1
Today, 18:00 PM

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  • U.S. Forces flag OnCe_Ov3R
  • Oberkommando West flag SturmTigerGiap
Faymonville Approach
Faymonville Approach Honor
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uploaded by OnCe_Ov3R

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