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Mr +: one of my friend played usa with time commander free vet rifle... after loading screen in game the commander magically disappeared LOL
Today, 06:58 AM
Frencho: grab some popcorn and read vetlolcakes threads, pure comedy gold
Today, 06:58 AM
Frencho: to entertain us burts
Today, 06:57 AM
Mr +: why i cant view replay if i don't have wfa?
Today, 06:57 AM
Burts: why is lolcake back
Today, 06:55 AM
miragefla: Dealing with Soviet Snipers are a pain. Feels like great justice when the incendiary round from the German Sniper onehits them
Today, 04:06 AM
The Shape: love dealing with ACE as US, 1 shots rifles and sometimes AT guns...useless fun though
Today, 03:12 AM
braciszek: I was spamming reverse, and it turned because there was a slight bump in the road and it got beaten by the chasing M4C...
Today, 03:11 AM
ilGetUSomDay: Braciszek keep it on hold fire
Today, 03:08 AM
braciszek: Even if i do reverse to avoid being flanked, the jagdpanzer IV pathing is so bad, it randomly turns 90 degrees in its straight path and get flanked.
Today, 03:07 AM

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