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Fortune: From what I read he said "All the issues on the gamebreaking issues list" That list has 6 items iirc including things like mines not re-stealthing and the already fixed veh. crew abuse.
Today, 03:44 AM
Robbie_Rotten: What tournament?
Today, 03:24 AM
lumpycustards: keep getting desynced games that don't even count as dispute... what does this mean? internet seems fine
Today, 03:11 AM
Cannonade: is it true Romeo has demanded $500 to stream tournament?
Today, 02:33 AM
m00nch1ld: lol ofc its him
Today, 01:43 AM
sneakking: Like Agent Moulder from X-Files, I want to believe.
Today, 01:41 AM
Romeo: Only to make new cards. Anyone with a trello account can vote and comment
Today, 01:38 AM
Mr. Someguy: Also Romeo, don't people have to go through you to get access to the Trello? Surely you should know if the account is real or not.
Today, 01:35 AM
Mr. Someguy: I'd love for it to be real, you can always ask Duffy himself on twitter. Speaking of, yesterday he tweeted that they're looking for balance designers :P
Today, 01:34 AM
James Hale: Relic did say Feb would be a bugfix patch. Maybe they're going hardcore on it.
Today, 01:31 AM

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