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Risefromthedead: Zero axis casters left and this patch will make no axis player wanting to come back. Awesome work
Today, 23:58 PM
Risefromthedead: Hey napalm, maybe you dont give a fuck because you are one of the allied whiners. GOod anyway. There are no axis casters left. Lol
Today, 23:57 PM
Aerohank: Be glad they get a WC-51, it means they went for a very underwhelming doctrine
Today, 23:57 PM
Sierra: Top Players often whine about things to suit their own interests. They play a longer term game than the skirmishes you watch. They often have direct contact with developers and can catch their attention more often than not. What it's called is manipulation
Today, 23:56 PM
Risefromthedead: 3 burst and kubel is Dead by M3 already. Now Kubel is bigger + 5 fuel. Even before patch soviets easily stomp OKW. Well done to relic
Today, 23:56 PM
Napalm: Got to like it. New poster signs up just to say they are leaving the game. Breaking news; nobody gives a fuck.
Today, 23:56 PM
Sierra: Scout Car and WC-51 Wreck the Kubelwagens Face you moron!
Today, 23:55 PM
TüMe: Well sierra , thats my point, but what u think when top players have problems with kubel , how u think then low ranked ppl does ? they are doing better, is that what u say ?
Today, 23:55 PM
the_onion_man: I'm optimistic about this patch but have yet to figure out a way to reliably win as OKW vs Soviets. Nothing in the patch notes reassures me on that point.
Today, 23:54 PM
Risefromthedead: Fuck this allied whinefest game. Going back to SC2.
Today, 23:53 PM

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