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empirescurropt: so much pro talk ^^ !! please relic give me obers on t1 building ahah ^^
Today, 13:46 PM
empirescurropt: So much balance talk i hope you all are pros and not only 4v4 playersthat actually star crying that axis are opp just because the spam tactic not working on 4v4 and too easy to counter blobs or spammers
Today, 13:45 PM
Gluhoman: Talking about imba sov and playing only axis. Ah I got it.
Today, 13:31 PM
SteinerGER: thats so bullshit. I just watched the complete cast and it was so bullshit that the soviet player even managed to come back tbh. counter barrage is so useless apparently
Today, 12:30 PM
Woschte: well, that was a "every batlle tells a story" moment for redwings :snfDuffy:
Today, 12:11 PM
turbotortoise: i don't trust p4's further than i can throw them.
Today, 12:02 PM
ilGetUSomDay: RNGesus trolled Redwings hard in that trending LOL
Today, 11:59 AM
daspoulos: I don't have a problem with guards. Just the easy mode lol crit OPtrs. Ripping apart squads like its an mg34.. Luckily though I'm sure ptrs is being nerfed next patch . (WHENEVR THE FUCK THAT IS)
Today, 09:03 AM
SteinerGER: Guards are da nu obers. They dont quite kill as fast as obers did but then again they are 6 models and can stick longer around.
Today, 08:58 AM
assbag: streamer showdown for quality coh drama <444>3
Today, 08:48 AM

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  • Ostheer flag shadowwada
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