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KovuTalli: Tbh Relic should set up Public Test servers and do changes and see how feedback is from community.
Today, 15:08 PM
Lazarraga: what I don't get is why the relic guys buff or nerf units so badly instead of being more moderate and see how it works from there on. I mean, instead of doubling the damage a unit deals, buff it a 20-30% and see how it works
Today, 15:07 PM
kreatiir: Jup. But with stable I also mean, than this unit is good, than it sucks. Than this tactic works, than it doesn't work cause of changes. It's just soo variable.
Today, 15:00 PM
KovuTalli: True kreatiir, I have no idea what they have done to the games Coding ,but VCoH2 ran fine, WFA Alpha ran fine with a few bug splats now and again, but since WFA Launch I've been having so many crashes, restarts and bugs with the game its unbelievable.
Today, 14:57 PM
KovuTalli: By balance you mean nerf or buff Chegwin? Sturms are easy to beat if know how, Volks are just bad. and Obers need to be strong as they are the "replacement" for a strong Anti Infantry vehicle.
Today, 14:57 PM
TheMightyCthulu: At this rate, replays will never work again, haha.
Today, 14:55 PM
kreatiir: And it's not just a balance issue. The game is going from the one side to the other, it's just not stable.
Today, 14:54 PM
VIPUKS: Same totaly same.
Today, 14:52 PM
kreatiir: I think many guys are / have been in that position to give up Kovu. Sad but true.
Today, 14:39 PM
Chegwin: you wouldnt be the first KovuTalli, they really need to balance that OKW infantry
Today, 14:38 PM

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