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FaustCostBulletin: Anyway, Hurtgen Forest, Crossing in the Woods, Rzhev Winter need to go
Today, 23:38 PM
FaustCostBulletin: Would not be a problem if Panzergrenadiers were available in the beginning with some drawback. Soviets get to begin with two kinds of infantry and USF Riflemen are two in one at early game anyway.
Today, 23:37 PM
miragefla: Who thought Stalingrad was a good idea? You can't even properly use light vehicles there.
Today, 23:36 PM
miragefla: Well, at lot of maps shouldn't be in automatch currently. The majority of the 1v1s are cramped, urban shot blockers hell which is why Ostheer is given such a huge problem on top of its current issues.
Today, 23:35 PM
FaustCostBulletin: Overgrowth is a far superior map and it should be an automatch map.
Today, 23:24 PM
FaustCostBulletin: And can we remove frickin Hurtgen Forest from the pool already? It's Allied hell unless you have B4 and the enemy doesn't have CAS or Jaeger Armor or basically anything with stuka dive
Today, 23:24 PM
FaustCostBulletin: kamk, I am talking about the fortrification doctrine already, it's just that Stg44 Obers and Pak4 are mutually exclusive
Today, 23:23 PM
Vuther: So I'd doubt the possibility.
Today, 23:20 PM
Vuther: I really can't see them nerfing TWP ridiculously hard and giving it an 80-munition upgrade requirement.
Today, 23:19 PM
Brachiaraidos: One of these days Target Weak Point will get reduced to the levels of effectiveness of button, and I will soil my underwear in joy.
Today, 23:16 PM

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