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Von Kluge: I wouldn't :snfAmi:
Today, 20:14 PM
m00nch1ld: not ADVISED and MAY lead...ill take the chance :snfBatom:
Today, 20:10 PM
Von Kluge: read the red bar underneath the shoutbox very carefully
Today, 20:07 PM
Toilet: I would like to discuss the Alpha. Any comments?
Today, 20:00 PM
chipwreckt: winrate probably 20% lower because of teching Kappa
Today, 19:46 PM
flatline115: I always tech to t4 as ostheer due to lack of a tiger commander thus I can confirm that it is pretty easy to do.
Today, 19:39 PM
The_rEd_bEar: teching to t4 requires preperation and micro but it can be done
Today, 18:44 PM
G4bb4_G4nd4lf: well, against the current meta, you either go for Tigers or try to tech to T4 somehow
Today, 18:40 PM
The_rEd_bEar: and wher isnt that bad in 1v1, yes its tough, buts its not ultra hard impossible to win
Today, 18:38 PM
daspoulos: Lol starting 2016 it wouldn't surprised me if relic only released 1 patch a year and after 2017 gives up on the game completely after some big expansion.
Today, 18:38 PM
!Discussing the Alpha is not advised and may lead to penalties.

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  • Soviets flag Crazyman64335"
  • U.S. Forces flag twitch.tv/dbmb_
  • Ostheer flag D U S T Y
  • Ostheer flag L E M O N ?
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