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Mr. Someguy: Once I played a 4v4 with Rogers and I just made 3 Penals and rushed the OKW player's medical truck.
Today, 05:40 AM
taxman66: It's just basically a coh1 slit trench with heal and reinforce.
Today, 05:08 AM
taxman66: The problem is the super quick reinforcement time and it's current cost.
Today, 05:02 AM
FestiveLongJohns: Yeah you can roast the fhq with a flamer pio, but I'd be interested in Relic toning down the buff, siginificantly lowering the fuel cost and making it able to be decapped by your enemy, perhaps buffing the late game a bit
Today, 04:56 AM
taxman66: Like I said...I destroyed 2 HQ's doing exactly that but he just got another. You know it's BS when you kill 92 units and he kills 29... cons with 5 kills and 3 vet. legit balance.
Today, 04:55 AM
butterfingers158: Well assuming you aren't dead set on having a Tiger, there is also Festung support, which is free. Kinda pointless outside of countering FHQ though <444>_<444>
Today, 04:53 AM
LemonJuice: actually u can also use a regular mortar and send manually attack ground different parts of the roof to significantly reduce building HP, and then send in a flamer pio squad to set it alight
Today, 04:52 AM
Hon3ynuts: The soft counter is burning buildings with a flamer if you see the commander, though if he goes for the FHQ before t2 you can spam mgs and force him off the field
Today, 04:47 AM
FestiveLongJohns: That's my experience as well taxman
Today, 04:45 AM

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