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Napalm: Interesting. So, you see no issue with a select crowd of individuals having better access to a developers ear.
Today, 19:27 PM
iTzDusty: let alone understand how balancing even works. When you consistently get ideas that have been beaten to death like scaling costs in team games, or teh usual inane whining about post patch nerfs, theres a need to drown out the noise at some point.
Today, 19:27 PM
iTzDusty: And again, none of us are paid or compensated, and people are regularly added to the testing group if they contribute reasonable discussion and have very good working knowledge of mechanics. The majority of people in teh community don't play all factions,
Today, 19:26 PM
iTzDusty: the devs, but thats not even close to unreasonable.
Today, 19:25 PM
iTzDusty: Why is it supposed to be fair? If everything was "fair", we'd have an open forum with people like VetlolCake vocally dictating the pace of balance discussion. I mean end of the day, sure, not everyone gets the opportunity to be close with
Today, 19:24 PM
Romeo: Everyone does have the opportunity. If you want to be in the balance beta and you are skilled enough to give valuable input, all you have to do is ask
Today, 19:24 PM
Kitahara: As if its hard to market pakistani hash ;)
Today, 19:23 PM
RiflesReady: Pakistani hash is a thing? How come I never came across it, considering I live there DansGame
Today, 19:23 PM
kamk: 4th game in a row. 1afk, 1 fuel cache spammer > quits. Seriously, wtf is going on?
Today, 19:23 PM
iTzDusty: Grown from the proceeds of my Relic payroll of course :D
Today, 19:19 PM

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