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kamk: Btw.: any release date for the patch? Can't wait for the delay fixes.
Today, 07:31 AM
kamk: #1 > #70 in 5 games... random mates are random. :'(
Today, 07:21 AM
Sierra: Yeah, PaK-43 hard counters all vehicles like a mother.
Today, 07:09 AM
What Doth Life?!: pak43 gets vet 2 lickity split in 2v2. is2 hards counter
Today, 07:07 AM
Sierra: Properly using it isn't too hard. If you set it up in a proper position it'll shut down practically any potential mechanized/armored rushes.
Today, 07:06 AM
kamk: It is amazing if properly used.
Today, 07:03 AM
Sierra: PaK-43 = Amazing. Don't know why people give it such a bad rep.
Today, 06:46 AM
kamk: Fascinating to see that "top" 100 players still don't understand how the PAK43 works -_-
Today, 06:44 AM
Sierra: Uninstalled CoH2, installing Dawn of War II, let's see if it's any better.
Today, 06:41 AM
FeelMemoryAcceptance: someone for play the beta ?
Today, 06:19 AM

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