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Nuclear Arbitor: just wait, brits will either be worse than riflemen or broken in the opposite direction...
Today, 06:41 AM
WhySooSerious: www.twitch.tv/siddolio Kappa Kappa
Today, 06:35 AM
Flamee: Right. What a crazy statement here again. el o el.
Today, 06:05 AM
REforever: Utterly wrong.
Today, 05:55 AM
kamk: It tells me that you underestimate distances, cover on short range engagements, and especially RNG with damage distribution.
Today, 05:52 AM
REforever: Yet it happens so what does that tell you? Of course you'll say Rifles are fine and that they should win every engagement; cover be damned and all.
Today, 05:49 AM
REforever: I'm talking about scenarios where your gren is in green cover, while a Rifle squad is in the open(No cover) and closes in from long range(taking no cover while closing in) and proceeds to force a retreat. That isn't balance el o el.
Today, 05:48 AM
momo4sho: rushing rifles over red cover( a respectable distance) to grens in green is pretty much never a good idea
Today, 05:47 AM
momo4sho: I am not biased, im just realistic and I know a lot of stats that are relative to this discussion. IDK what kind of scenario you are thinking of exactly but I think its 80% l2p issue
Today, 05:46 AM
REforever: Unfortunately there's a lot of biased Allied Nancy's who think that US infantry should reign supreme, and that even if you ruish a gren squad in green cover from long range, you should still win. That's not balance.
Today, 05:44 AM
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