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iTzDusty: lol guys, we have resource hax now, of course, it wont sync error at alllllllll
Today, 03:36 AM
taxman66: How is it hax? Do the maths
Today, 03:34 AM
FappingFrog: hax
Today, 03:25 AM
taxman66: Lol yes there can. Want a replay?
Today, 03:24 AM
FappingFrog: their can't be 3 clown cars with 2 engis and 2 cons on the field at 4 mins with guards
Today, 03:13 AM
taxman66: Lol theres nothing wehr can do to stop 2 cons and 3 clowncars with 2 flamers. in the first 4-5 minutes. 222 is the only choice but it gets raped by guards in a clowncar.
Today, 03:01 AM
FappingFrog: support :P
Today, 02:47 AM
FappingFrog: your having issues with that? Weird considering that soviets start with even less fuel , you need to keep your forces together
Today, 02:46 AM
taxman66: Absolutely no counter to clowncar spam + flamers as wher
Today, 02:45 AM
taxman66: Tellers mines wont kill m20s and clowncars anymore - trip mines kill models for 10 munitions. Seems legit.
Today, 02:45 AM

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