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Company of Heroes 2 Ladders

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sneakking: @Sierra it's like 7 AM in Finland right now, so he probably wont be on for a while. :facepalm:
Today, 04:25 AM
ilGetUSomDay: I do not think so, and he was also unable to figure out how devastated you were by the patch Kappa
Today, 04:15 AM
skemshead: @ Taxman, ive had sporadic issues in the past but today i cannot watch any steams in list
Today, 04:12 AM
Sierra: So did Cruzz figure out all the ninja patches yet?
Today, 04:09 AM
taxman66: Twitch servers messing with Australian connections for some reason. Ive had issues for over a month or two now
Today, 04:09 AM
skemshead: Or is it just shitty australian internet
Today, 04:07 AM
skemshead: Anyone having lag issues with the live stream.
Today, 04:07 AM
Tobis: Haven't got the time to play right now, what do you guys think of vet 5 volks dps now?
Today, 03:45 AM
GhostTX: Don't play Wolfs Lair map. Bug spawn vehicles at point you can't move them out of.
Today, 03:43 AM
kamk: Soooo rifle nades are still bugged, great.
Today, 03:38 AM

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  • Soviets flag [TAW] Beria L. P.
  • Oberkommando West flag HelpingHans
uploaded by HelpingHans

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