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BartonPL: CondomWings streaming, chat allowed only for koreans :romeoHype:
Today, 08:21 AM
CaptainSPrice: thx btw
Today, 08:19 AM
computerheat: CondemnationWings streaming! :snfMarcus:
Today, 08:06 AM
van Voort: I'll speak to Janne foryou, it is a known post-ban issue
Today, 08:02 AM
Obersoldat: Its probably a bug.... Kappa
Today, 08:00 AM
van Voort: I'll check if it's blocked or not
Today, 07:54 AM
CaptainSPrice: sry not showing
Today, 07:51 AM
CaptainSPrice: no idea -- it's just now showing on coh2.org
Today, 07:50 AM
van Voort: Did it stack?
Today, 07:50 AM

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  • The British Forces flag Insane Aimstrong
  • Ostheer flag Insane DevM
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