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Sierra: I'm just telling you what your name means translated from German to English. >.> Also I guess that extra 5% reduced received accuracy compared to Pgrens helps a lot. To me they function like pre-nerf Panzergrens.
Today, 20:09 PM
Schwanzlutscher: panzergrenadiers shout out that a schwanzlutscher ist kaputt after killing a enemy unit, that's the origin of my name :megusta:
Today, 20:07 PM
Schwanzlutscher: i'm a panzergrenadier :snfPeter:
Today, 20:03 PM
Sierra: If you say so, the way I've used them, they've been deadly. Uh.. you do know that your name roughly means "Cocksucker" right?
Today, 19:59 PM
Schwanzlutscher: They have a -5% received accuracy over Panzergrenadiers and their assault ability is a nerfed and more expensive version of the USF paratrooper assault if i remember correctly
Today, 19:57 PM
Sierra: Really? I've found they are more durable than panzergrens. Hell I've taken on 3 or 4 infantry squads + an ambulance just sitting them behind green cover. A well placed grenade and that assault ability of theirs and they can drop models like a hat.
Today, 19:42 PM
Alexzandvar: There essentially Pgrens with the ability to pop out of buildings
Today, 19:24 PM
comm_ash: Huh, you are right, never knew that. I do like the assault ability, but I can see now why people might not like them so much.
Today, 19:17 PM
G4bb4_G4nd4lf: I don't know if it's worth it to invest 100muni just to get Pzgrens with camo and a cool ability but inferior vet. The commander as a whole is not that good as well.
Today, 19:03 PM
G4bb4_G4nd4lf: Stormtroopers get the same vet as PzGrens minus the cooldown reduction.
Today, 19:01 PM

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