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tuvok: main gunner is a pussy crit
Today, 14:15 PM
lumpycustards: is main gunner injured a new status? cannot fix it lol
Today, 14:11 PM
Mr +: nice 2 shots of pak43 and simon's sherman gone thank you relic
Today, 14:02 PM
QmaPL: v-synch option do not allow the gpu to go furhter then 60 fps. So if you have a very good gpu and v-synch enabled you may not see any changes in the fps rate as it will always be the 60Hz
Today, 14:01 PM
QmaPL: use DDU for clean driver install as well
Today, 13:54 PM
QmaPL: Same with video driver. Sometimes new update form Nvidia makes game crashing ...
Today, 13:54 PM
QmaPL: Also check the power options for your PC. It could be the PCIe or graphic card is running on lower performance because of power restriction. If I go wit power-saving the frame rate goes down and the overall pergormace is very bad.
Today, 13:53 PM
spajn: I have no fps gains whatsoever switching from high to minimal graphics, still 45 fps average
Today, 13:47 PM
KovuTalli: I think the Graphics Card is the choke for most people. That or something CoH2's "Optimization" doesn't like about their system.
Today, 13:43 PM
Romeo: yeah Inverse I don't really see much difference between max setting and low setting FPS, may as well play on max since performance no difference :D
Today, 13:36 PM

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  • Soviets flag Xoctic
  • U.S. Forces flag xinying
  • Oberkommando West flag L E M O N ?
  • Ostheer flag Dizilluzion
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