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rezzzzen: no
Today, 08:21 AM
armatak: Is this patch actually live already'
Today, 08:20 AM
TNrg: i'm really not so much into that usa and soviets fighting in the team games together or even playing against the western fronts broken factions with the vanilla ones
Today, 07:45 AM
bilsantu: SU-85 did have very low armor. SU-85M on the other hand had good armor which is not in the game to begin with.
Today, 07:44 AM
TNrg: and western fronts will fuck things up totally. but the new players that might come to the game through that wouldn't have an idea
Today, 07:43 AM
TNrg: this patch will either save or doom the game :P
Today, 07:43 AM
braciszek: Why were KV-8's fighting Tigers?
Today, 07:40 AM
jackill2611: *had
Today, 07:39 AM
jackill2611: yesterday have epic battle - 4 KV-8 and 2 b-4 vs 4 tigers!
Today, 07:39 AM
Mr +: man they should go little step by step. i guess 2000 player will leave the game
Today, 07:36 AM

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