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DonBowdenoli: you whine alot
Today, 07:52 AM
taxman66: I've lost 1200 rank because of all these strats.
Today, 07:51 AM
taxman66: Wehr has no counter for conspam, maxim spam, clowncar spam, US rifle spam.
Today, 07:51 AM
taxman66: 70% of the maps favour US over Ost. ANything with buildings and soviets win, any maps with open ground and US wins.
Today, 07:50 AM
skemshead: Unbalanced maps fuck OST over, especially Semosky, but if you don't overextend and bleed too many vp the game can be good.
Today, 07:29 AM
miragefla: Requires positioning and patience to know when to push out and to hold back
Today, 07:25 AM
taxman66: Wehr has little chance against US
Today, 07:24 AM
NinjaWJ: sov vs okw is a nasty matchup
Today, 07:06 AM
skemshead: i would rather play Ost vs US any day, playing Sov vs OKW is beyond boring
Today, 06:57 AM
taxman66: Wher cant counter anything. Rush to cutoff with 3 rifles 2 echelons and its GG. Wehr cant compete with that. Grens get to the field later, they lose in combat.
Today, 05:55 AM

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