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Nuclear Arbitor: i don't take it seriously but the bugs and balance issues still massively piss me off
Yesterday, 21:56 PM
Nuclear Arbitor: at this point i ONLY play coh2 when asked to by friends
Yesterday, 21:56 PM
Nuclear Arbitor: go play something else or don't play 1v1
Yesterday, 21:55 PM
FaustCostBulletin: I mean people rank shame me but I can't care about my rank when every second game is a loss by default.
Yesterday, 21:53 PM
FaustCostBulletin: I'm really, really tired of disconnecting from games where I'm sure to win. Why is it that the connection dies just long enough to screw any sense of enjoyment out of me and then come back right away once its all done?
Yesterday, 21:52 PM
daspoulos: I would really like the additional received accuracy buffs for okw squads at later vet removed and given 15-20% explosive resistance
Yesterday, 21:41 PM
daspoulos: Yeah I'm not sure why fussilier have 6 man
Yesterday, 21:37 PM
FaustCostBulletin: Like why can't be 4 or 5 man and have better stats to compensate? Why do the Soviet thing better than Soviets?
Yesterday, 21:36 PM
FaustCostBulletin: I know they cost more but the performance difference is worth far more than 50 MP. It's also wrong that OKW should even get 6 man squads.
Yesterday, 21:35 PM
Alexzandvar: 50* mp more
Yesterday, 21:29 PM

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  • Soviets flag [TAW] Beria L. P.
  • Oberkommando West flag HelpingHans
uploaded by HelpingHans

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