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NorthWestFresh: yeah. O ostruppen I miss you greatly, I was still using them with decent success until WAR released now stug e commander is too good for me to pass up. Just goes to show that people need to be more responsible with their feedback. I hate seeing
Today, 08:56 AM
braciszek: Id prefer a bigger buff in cover. Getting in cover only allows them to use the sights on their weapons, so they still arent good at shooting.
Today, 07:32 AM
Mr. Someguy: 150 would be okay, although I'd rather that buff them slightly instead. Mostly buff their in-cover accuracy bonus.
Today, 07:29 AM
VIPUKS: yes 200 is too expensive for such weak squad
Today, 07:25 AM
Kyle: Wish they bring Ostruppen cost down to 120 like the old time :d. oh man get 6 of them out and take every building on the fields was such a dick move haha
Today, 07:24 AM
VIPUKS: Only combat engineers get beaten by ostrupens
Today, 07:14 AM
turbosqel: even raketen43 crew beat echelons
Today, 07:11 AM
VIPUKS: What if i told you that ostruppens can get beated by rear echallon squad :O
Today, 07:02 AM
braciszek: 3, but they have to be in green cover (obviously) and the riflemen in no cover.
Today, 06:43 AM
miragefla: Too many
Today, 06:43 AM

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