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A.Schwarzenschnitzel: Rather have a couple of stugs with target weak point though :foreveralone:
Today, 20:41 PM
A.Schwarzenschnitzel: Well if your opponent sucks, you can get out 2 panthers, it is viable if you control the fuel
Today, 20:28 PM
Alexzandvar: How you get a lot of a 175 fuel unit
Today, 20:11 PM
Snipester: i agree, but you can basically get 2 more stugs for 1 panther, which have 50 range, high RoF, and target weak point which is amazing
Today, 20:04 PM
Nuclear Arbitor: the biggest advantage of a V is that you can get a lot of them and they're better than any other non-heavy in the game
Today, 19:47 PM
A.Schwarzenschnitzel: Agreed with Snipester, that in combination with some nice spotting scopes and you are good to go
Today, 19:47 PM
Snipester: not that the panther is bad but i'd rather have 2 stugs over a panther
Today, 19:20 PM
Array: It soaks damage whilst all your other stuff kills the enemy
Today, 19:11 PM
Sierra: I've used Elite Troops to vet it to Vet-3. It's not much better, and the poor accuracy coupled with that harsh reload rate just makes me stay away from it. =/
Today, 19:05 PM
Sierra: I get that the panther has some good frontal armor, but I just don't get all the fuss over it. It's reload rate is attrocious, despite its penetration and turret speed. Not to mention it has piss poor anti-personnel performance.
Today, 19:04 PM

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