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Maschinengewehr: but make sure they don't use auto-shufflers
Today, 06:52 AM
Maschinengewehr: or play blackjack against newbie dealers in casinos and make $300+ dollars in 30 mins
Today, 06:51 AM
turbotortoise: yeah, same with me, NL200 w/ %ofpot rake... no thanks...
Today, 06:47 AM
iTzDusty: Yeah, though I play very small microstakes. Live games would be $100 buy in around here and I don't have the bankroll for that.
Today, 06:43 AM
turbotortoise: personally, taking i think infereance based on statistics easier than personal reads. also, local profitability depends on a lot of factors, softness and rake being principle, also presuming profitable games actually exist.
Today, 06:42 AM
Aladdin444: Dusty I played both for years and just my experience, yea not mistake, but the risk/gamble % is higher online
Today, 06:30 AM
iTzDusty: Well online is a different game, its not necessarily a mistake. And yeah mortar, it happens, though I havent experienced any of it yet. Hasnt affected my games.
Today, 06:19 AM
Aladdin444: poker online playing is mistake cause u can't earn as much as in casino by reading people, plus there are a lot more scrubs in casino who're there to just lose some money, whereas online most peeps fight to death for 1 cent lol
Today, 06:07 AM
Mortar: Dusty...you know those online tourney's have teams that work together right?
Today, 06:02 AM
iTzDusty: No these are new ones. The one last night I got messed up on the river. I finished 317th, 315th was where the money was too :snfBarton:
Today, 05:53 AM

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