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Inverse: Fellas. Yosemite National Park is legit. That is all.
Today, 00:58 AM
Jaedrik: no im don
Today, 00:52 AM
Lazarraga: 4s with bears http://www.twitch.tv/lazarraga
Today, 00:45 AM
WiFiDi: 2 more posts and youll have 3 paragraphs :P
Today, 00:38 AM
Jaedrik: Or, at least, we hope it fails. Pls no oppresserino propaganda games companies thx
Today, 00:35 AM
Jaedrik: try and control the market's perception. This, thankfully, fails. To quote Gabe Newell, "One of the things we learned pretty early on is 'Don't ever, ever try to lie to the internet - because they will catch you.'"
Today, 00:34 AM
Jaedrik: HOWEVER, the analogy is lacking. Creating a game has less qualifiable standards and clear goals than fixing a pipe. And, I believe the power of reputation is very strong. Bad companies that make bad games get bad popular reviews, thus there is incentive to
Today, 00:33 AM
Jaedrik: ZombiFrancis, excuse my lack of knowledge. If it's not royalty pay, I can see the incentive to continue development instead of making it an actually good game. It's like paying plumbers by the hour.
Today, 00:15 AM
Jaedrik: will be driven purely by "this is new content", regardless of its balance. Say that's wrong, but we've still narrowed and classified the playerbase--I simply don't see the portions which have factors indicating their consumption because of knowing it as OP
Today, 00:12 AM
ZombiFrancis: Relic has a salaried staff that has to justify their salaries. While they could exert effort into getting the game to a balanced and competitive state, the devs would immediately find themselves paralyzed in what they could do for the game in the future..
Today, 00:10 AM
!Discussing the Alpha is not advised and may lead to penalties.

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