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Rollo: you forgot map hacking
Today, 01:52 AM
Francis: :sibHyena: shoutout to anyone using smurfs, strem sniping and just plain old raging agaisnt the machine! You make COH2 feel ever close to E-Sports status :snfCHVGame:
Today, 01:47 AM
momo4sho: @Strummingbird notice how terrible the kim jung un played in that tournament ? perhaps a different person for that moment in time.
Today, 01:41 AM
AchtAchter: And no, I'm not mad. Just found it funny that I'm supposed to mass isgs when in fact I have one on the field.
Today, 01:24 AM
AchtAchter: Ciez I built another after you stole mine. So yes one.
Today, 01:24 AM
gnaggnoyil: Or perhaps next level smurfing:snfBarton:
Today, 01:23 AM
gnaggnoyil: I remembered there was a replay where paulad and kimjongun played againest each other. But yeah I believe paula and kimjongun have a very close relationship.
Today, 01:22 AM
Von Kluge: next level smurfing perhaps :sibHyena:
Today, 01:22 AM
Strummingbird: considering both kimjongun and paul played in SCC4 at the same time, I doubt it
Today, 01:11 AM
Von Kluge: Isn't paul kimjongun Ciez? D:
Today, 01:09 AM

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  • Ostheer flag Insane DevM
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