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pqumsieh: @Napalm are you visiting vancouver?
Today, 01:34 AM
Napalm: Having some dranks downtown Vancouver. Wishing I were with THE dusty
Today, 01:24 AM
braciszek: I heard there is this feature called "Scavenge". It completely refunds your kubel fuel cost when you salvage your kubel wreck.
Today, 01:24 AM
TüMe: man 5 fuel , if ur game falls for it, then go play tetris
Today, 01:19 AM
QueenRatchet123: puma does a hell of alot to infantry
Today, 01:18 AM
Lenny12346: Puma does nothing to infantry, which is like the core of early/mid gameplay (at least untill 10 mins)
Today, 01:17 AM
TüMe: ''hordes'' :D mate, shock troops cost what 400 mp and cp 2 ? mate i think u have something else on field than only kubel, when there is ''horde of shocks '' on field :D
Today, 01:17 AM
Lenny12346: taxman... stop whining about everything
Today, 01:17 AM
Sierra: "Think more" lolz. If by think more you mean froth at the mouth at frustration, then by all mines "think". But your volksgrens and sturmpios will be overrun every single time.
Today, 01:13 AM
Sierra: Pfft, no, you really wont. It'll delay your teching and you'll have nothing to hold back the hordes of Riflemen and shocktroops or penals. You're gonna have a bad time.
Today, 01:12 AM

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  • Soviets flag Xoctic
  • U.S. Forces flag xinying
  • Oberkommando West flag L E M O N ?
  • Ostheer flag Dizilluzion
Moscow Outskirts Winter
Moscow Outskirts Winter Honor
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uploaded by LemonJuice

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