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Death's Head: So G43s are no good like you like keeping Soviets at range now huh
Today, 14:00 PM
Burts: ISU-152 in 1v1 was the biggest piece of crap ever. IS-2 was cheaper and was 100% the better choice.
Today, 13:56 PM
Burts: every single time i called in the ISU-152 in 1v1 i lost. Also pg vet 0 can beat vet 3 penals with flamethrower at close range. In march even vet 3 no upgrade cons would beat pg
Today, 13:53 PM
The_rEd_bEar: yea the made it less effective in close range like the lmg42
Today, 13:49 PM
evalance: ISU was shit against tanks, 152 MM would rip tanks apart no matter what,
Today, 13:49 PM
evalance: dp28 nerfed? LMAO it is a joke compaired to lmg still
Today, 13:48 PM
Mr. Morrison: *waiting to play that first Con/Gren engagement in new patch* its time for some payback.
Today, 13:47 PM
The_rEd_bEar: grens
Today, 13:46 PM
The_rEd_bEar: they nerfed the dp28 and guards have similar performance to greens, pgs nerfed was uncalled for though
Today, 13:46 PM
BroVVn: All in all it sounds like an awesome patch to me.
Today, 13:45 PM

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