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taxman66: That's true but Axis are the only ones that need an early game vehicle counter (clown car/jeeps). Wehr has faust which pretty well covers them, but OKW don't really have anything until at least 4-5 mins in.
Today, 14:10 PM
KovuTalli: The idea is because Whermacht need T1 (at least for Rifles grenades), Soviet have to research for AT nades and US need Vet for AT nades or again Buy Zooks for Muni + fuel.
Today, 13:53 PM
taxman66: I have to set up truck to get shreks. If im against jeep commander I'm pretty much screwed unless I go for hard counter rocket which is a waste early on and is really hit or miss, or I could get 3 volks + shrek which can take a while.
Today, 13:45 PM
kreatiir: Tonight on RewindTV! Luvnest vs Jesulin , ESL Vendetta! Tune in @ 21.00 Cest!
Today, 13:23 PM
empirescurropt: taxman want to spam volks hahah
Today, 13:13 PM
Cruzz: You start with enough resources to set up the truck. Feel free to use them.
Today, 13:03 PM
taxman66: Why volks need to have set up HQ to use shreks and grenades? Like why. What's the balance behind this? Can't I just counter jeep and clown car plz relic.
Today, 13:00 PM
General Kühn: That's drunks for you...
Today, 11:26 AM
kamk: And she didn't taste anything? Suuuure.
Today, 11:20 AM
Shell_yeah: lol, I once saw how my drunk friend on a party was dancing with his gf and then turned away from her and started puking, then turned back to her and kissed her(later I asked her about that, she thought he was laughing) MVGame.
Today, 11:10 AM

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