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adrian23: why would someone buy a commander if you can get it for free ? or they are planing to fix the duplicates thing?
Today, 21:42 PM
Ohme: Tomorrow is the magic day for purchaseable DLC as far as I know.
Today, 21:37 PM
The Shape: someone said they were going to let us purchase the new commanders today...guess not
Today, 21:30 PM
coh2player: like mechanized- the field presence is very good
Today, 21:24 PM
coh2player: i find that it's not the vet infantry that is the advantage. it's the fact that the US infantry is spammable, so losses can quickly be replaced without delays
Today, 21:23 PM
Lenny12346: nerfed = unit is worse than pre-nerf
Today, 21:20 PM
DietBrownie: Elite Troops before it was nerfed (20 fuel/without timer)
Today, 21:18 PM
RiflesReady: But there is no record of the game on the player card. No loss, no win, no dispute. :/
Today, 21:18 PM
RiflesReady: I experienced a strange thing though, 10 minutes into the game my game froze. The units were frozen but I could still move around and issue orders and get verbal responses. Then after 20 secs or so the game was over, giving me defeat.
Today, 21:17 PM
DietBrownie: I wouldn't say it's game-breaking like elite troops, but it's currently poorly designed. They should've kept the longer training.
Today, 21:17 PM

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