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RoraOmni: wondering how much longer I'm going to allow myself to play this game. Guess i'll ask my psych doctor.
Today, 04:51 AM
daspoulos: bugsplats for days
Today, 04:01 AM
Alexzandvar: rage of a billion dying suns
Today, 02:00 AM
Alexzandvar: tfw you get matched with the same leaver 2 games in a row
Today, 02:00 AM
kamk: Sadly, it won't get any larger as long as this issue exists. Which creates an even smaller userbase over time.
Today, 01:24 AM
SwonVIP: yeah thats right... the small playerbase is a huge problem...
Today, 01:12 AM
LemonJuice: this is already achievable by just playing inhouse games
Today, 00:55 AM
LemonJuice: matchmaking would actually take forever for the top tier players and it would be the same players youre going against. just look at star crossed kings, its always the same 15 or so people playing
Today, 00:55 AM
kamk: Well, personally i'm a fan of a locked Tier system as well, but with the current user base... hm, they would maybe need to remove one of the large team modes as well :/
Today, 00:52 AM
Jadame!: relic need to make leagues badly
Today, 00:34 AM

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