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russian armor

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Blalord: The thing you dont understand is that PTRS is a fucking shotgun at close and medium range
Today, 13:08 PM
braciszek: 205 rear armor > 120 pen. Because flanking is so much better than having to callin something else...
Today, 13:07 PM
Australian Magic: Guards should be long range inf and keep in mid that they must stand still. Obers can walk and still inflict a lot of damage
Today, 13:05 PM
ilGetUSomDay: So guards can only fire 2 mosins on the move while the obers can fire all of their weapons moving or not. Guards with no bullet dodging and armor will take severe damage trying to get close to "enjoy"
Today, 13:05 PM
Blysk: im not sure if 2 PZ4 will win against IS 2 even if 1 of PZ shoots at rear armor.
Today, 13:04 PM
Blalord: You compared an obers with guards, fighting at distance, now you talk about flanking for P4 ? so make guards some on close range at obers, and enjoy xD
Today, 13:04 PM
Australian Magic: 2x Cons*
Today, 13:02 PM
Australian Magic: so compainrg 2x to obers in controles envorennt or anything is in fact useless cause during game Obers will do a way more damage tjan Cons with PTRs
Today, 13:02 PM
Australian Magic: Blalord, in fact, if you put IS2 in front of Pz4 and nothing else is involved, Pz4 will win by flanking. But only in controled environemnt
Today, 13:01 PM
Blysk: Soviets dont need to tech at all because they have all their shit in call ins
Today, 13:00 PM

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  • Soviets flag [TAW] Beria L. P.
  • Oberkommando West flag HelpingHans
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