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braciszek: Dhsk... Dat one expensive HMG with "AP" rounds...
Today, 16:39 PM
miragefla: Unless it's a gren squad :P
Today, 16:37 PM
daspoulos: Dhsk isn't that terrible, its bad, but atleast squad can't crawl threw the arc throw nades and suppresses on the first burst usually.
Today, 16:36 PM
Thunderhun: DSK HMG crying in the corner
Today, 16:35 PM
daspoulos: Because it costs 210 manpower and apparently the worst machine gun of ww2
Today, 16:30 PM
Alexzandvar: I wonder why they didn't adjust the MG34 at all, since the old difference between the 34 and 42 was suppression
Today, 16:30 PM
daspoulos: 250% more of shit doesn't suddenly make it god. It simply puts it up to the dps other mgs have been doing this entire time. Bar the mg34 the worst mg in the game
Today, 16:28 PM
Blalord: So suppressng is untouched, good thing too know, cause a suppressed squad take 50% less damage, you want to kill them afterall xo
Today, 16:21 PM
Blalord: Accuracy as nothing to di with suppressing
Today, 16:21 PM
sneakking: 250% more damage AND more suppression, because remember if it's hitting more, it's suppressing more as well
Today, 16:20 PM

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