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kamk: Man, i hate this tiny shoutbox. :/
Today, 16:27 PM
Gdot: 95% of the players complaining about balance in 4v4 are not losing because of balance.
Today, 16:27 PM
Gdot: Bingo.
Today, 16:24 PM
NorthWeapon: Instead of calling the game unbalanced, how about you try a different strategy and try harder. Every game is unbalanced to some extent. CoH 2's 4v4 is more of the unbalanced playlists. Use your unbalanced unfair disadvantage as a way to get better
Today, 16:22 PM
ZombiFrancis: No one at Relic or SEGA makes any money off people playing games, win or lose. The only thing that will impact Relic are Ardennes Assault sales.
Today, 16:21 PM
NorthWeapon: Beat you because they have superior teamwork. For example: early fuel cache strategy for each player on the team is one effective macro strategy. Their far more numerous mechanized units will triumph over your well-microed few units
Today, 16:19 PM
NorthWeapon: I don't even know where to start. 1v1's and 4v4s are completely different players. There is more emphasis on micro for 1v1 matches while there's more emphasis for macro for 4v4s. You can have a team that has no idea how to position their units, that can
Today, 16:18 PM
NorthWeapon: @theblitz6794 so let me get this straight. You want to sign a petition that states SEGA should think Company of Heroes 2 is going downhill, and I guess, to also support it more? Because you can't win a 4v4 match against supposedly inferior players?
Today, 16:17 PM
Abdul: to point out*
Today, 16:16 PM
Abdul: and one way t6o catch his attetion is point our the horrible quality of work with things like bugs and optimization and to a lesser extent balance
Today, 16:14 PM

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