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ilGetUSomDay: One is solely getting hit, the other has two parts: getting hit and penetrating the armor. Armor was dropped except for shocks because the received accuracy was more consistent
Today, 04:10 AM
J1N6666: whats the difference between infantry armor and recieved accuracy? I heard the modifers are basically the same
Today, 03:48 AM
sneakking: gn bby <444>3
Today, 02:25 AM
sneakking: well by closing the 5 man gren argument by saying "bah too much trouble" there's really nothing left to say for me, particularly since it can easily be acomplished that a 5 man squad be made to be identical to a 4 man without much effort.
Today, 02:25 AM
FaustCostBulletin: Let me drop this off here. http://www.coh2.org/topic/31533/proposed-soviet-tech-system Good night.
Today, 02:23 AM
FaustCostBulletin: Shame, I thought we were having a friendly conversation here about our opinion of balance.
Today, 02:22 AM
sneakking: Faustcostbulliten confirmed for new balance dev. :snfPeter:
Today, 02:19 AM
FaustCostBulletin: If we're going to fix infantry-based problems, fix the disparity between OKW's late game infantry like Fall/Fusilier/Ober/Volk blobs. They are virtually unmatched, I have yet to see someone actually counter them with double LMG Rifles, which are doctrinal
Today, 02:17 AM
FaustCostBulletin: 5th member is more trouble than it will solve though. Grenadiers are 4 men for a reason.
Today, 02:16 AM
FaustCostBulletin: You are right about 120mm. I am a very calm person in real life... 120mm mortars drive me furious. I just don't like them exploding everywhere even if they don't squad wipe me all that often.
Today, 02:16 AM

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