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Inverse: It's just something to keep in mind. The balance team and the commander design team work separately for the most part.
Today, 15:48 PM
Inverse: I don't have any hard evidence, just heresay from people I've talked to, and I'm not going to post private conversations. There's no real evidence, nothing to "make public".
Today, 15:47 PM
Inverse: I'm curious what I "have no idea" about ;)
Today, 15:46 PM
theblitz6794: You would then be better at making this case. Please, for the love of CoH, go public!
Today, 15:46 PM
empirescurropt: dont get it realyy today i did have a few twitchers asking about the game i played skirmish but they all seam liking the mtach and the game the balance its not the issue its normal having some units op in faction/S
Today, 15:46 PM
Inverse: Unless they've changed things in the last 8 months or so, that's correct. There aren't any quotes or anything, just private interactions that some people I trust have had with him, as well as my own experiences with him in CoHO.
Today, 15:45 PM
theblitz6794: Inverse, can you send me some proof so I can make that part of the case? I need sauce
Today, 15:43 PM
MilkaCow: Inverse once again showing he has no idea \o/
Today, 15:43 PM
theblitz6794: Stefan Haines, lead balancer "Favorite unit: ISU-152; favorite ability: Sector Artillery"
Today, 15:42 PM
Inverse: He was the balance/design (can't remember which) lead for CoHO and is responsible for commanders in CoH2. He's basically said he doesn't give a fuck about the competitive scene.
Today, 15:42 PM

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