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Kurobane: Load Company of Heroes 1 in DX10 mode, and Load COH2, you will see your FPS around the same, which leads me to believe they didnt make much changes from the first game
Today, 09:22 AM
Kurobane: Even though the game is directx11 it does not benefit from any of the DX11 optimizations
Today, 09:21 AM
Sierra: It's only if I zoom in over those effects for close ups that I get a framerate drop.
Today, 09:13 AM
Sierra: My CPU ain't good enough? I built it myself, it's a pretty beastly rig and I'm running it on max settings, 60+ FPS.
Today, 09:13 AM
taxman66: Sierra, your cpu isn't good enough then. I get 50 fps during heavy barrages (minimum 45 fps) on full graphics.
Today, 09:09 AM
Sierra: I've got 16g of RAM, and a 6-core processor as well as a GTX-760, but heavy amounts of fire bogs me down to negative frame rates man.
Today, 09:03 AM
butterfingers158: My game always freezes when OKW uses assault arty, dat heavy smoke cloud
Today, 09:02 AM
Sierra: The biggest optimization issues are within heavy particle effects and post processing effects like fire barrages and heavy amounts of smoke/debris in the air.
Today, 08:58 AM
FestiveLongJohns: I've been having these issues well before WFA was released. What works for me is not alt tabbing once the game is loaded, verifying game cache in steam, and deleting all old replays in my replay folder
Today, 08:56 AM


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