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@Brian: Anyone tried running a performance test in Coh2 recently? Bugged since last patch for me. Either my comp is dying or...:/
Today, 18:14 PM
VonIvan: I have noticed AOE wise that the USF grenade has a slightly larger area of affect than the volks grenade.
Today, 17:58 PM
TNrg: but with the USF you need to unlock the nades even if you have all the tiers teched
Today, 17:54 PM
IpKaiFung: volks grenade literally teleports from pocket to on top of your men in no time at all
Today, 17:53 PM
TNrg: i guess that's true. also the volks' nades come with no additional cost, basically you will never stay at T0 so you get the nades for free, kind of
Today, 17:53 PM
IpKaiFung: riflemen grenade animation is so long you can cook a three course meal in the time it takes for the grenade to leave the guys hand
Today, 17:53 PM
Cruzz: Basically the volks grenade is miles ahead of the riflemen one because it takes several seconds less to throw+explode
Today, 17:48 PM
Cruzz: Because they have the slowest throw known to man, with a large tech cost, for a grenade that is, while not the weakest, hardly a strong one either
Today, 17:47 PM
TNrg: why? i think they squad wipe pretty often
Today, 17:46 PM
Cruzz: Yes, molotovs are even worse in the long run, but riflemen grenades get second place in the shittiest grenade ability olympics
Today, 17:44 PM

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