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WiFiDi: okay enough guys im putting down hammer. wtf you killed my zen. anyways go chill out take a break deep breath enough of this pointless drama >:(
Today, 09:27 AM
braciszek: Attacking everyone on sight does not make you look any better. :(
Today, 09:24 AM
Sierra: @ Von Kluge, how about you calm the fuck down Mr. "Director of Social Media" You want to talk about myself "harassing people" how about you shut the fucking double standard up and go after people like Katitof who started with the fucking barbs to begin wit
Today, 09:21 AM
WiFiDi: okay thats enough gotake a break chill out breath deeply whatever no more drama in the chat.. :)
Today, 09:20 AM
Von Kluge: Sierra, I told you this before and I will tell you again : pipe the fuck down. If you're not even playing the game, just don't harass people here. That shouldn't be too hard rite?
Today, 09:20 AM
Sierra: Katitof, please go drink an antifreeze smoothie. Kthnxbaidie.
Today, 09:18 AM
JuanElstretchyNeck: or just stop breathing for a while XD
Today, 09:18 AM
Katitof: by your posts, it seems like you take some hard stuff anyway :P
Today, 09:17 AM
WiFiDi: dude chill out find your happy place heres where i find mine :P http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNsJUmFrUCA
Today, 09:16 AM
Sierra: Ah yes, smoke a substance that's largely illegal in my country. Sound advice, I'll get right on that.
Today, 09:16 AM

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