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OCF Winner's Interview with DevM in...


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Inverse: Which is why I said it will probably work unless there are Shermans in the game, since as far as I know the only change made in the recent hotfix was to Shermans.
Today, 18:32 PM
SturmTigerNeffarion: it actually works you just get a sync error warning in the middle on the screen (assuming the replay original version didnt get different balance changes)
Today, 18:29 PM
Inverse: That's what happens when your replay system is from 2006.
Today, 18:26 PM
DevM: ah okay, either way thats a bummer that I cant watch the OCF replays
Today, 18:22 PM
Inverse: Changing version number doesn't matter if the game itself has changed, you'll still get a sync error and the replay will be useless.
Today, 18:21 PM
Inverse: Nah, got back on Sunday. No more pizza with Marcus :(
Today, 18:20 PM
DevM: are you still in italy inverse? :P
Today, 18:20 PM
What Doth Life?!: can't you change the version on CELO to watch old replays?
Today, 18:20 PM
Inverse: But there's more Sherman bugs apparently so there will probably be another patch soon.
Today, 18:19 PM
Inverse: If the only fix was the Sherman bug and the replay doesn't have Shermans you might be able to watch it.
Today, 18:18 PM

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