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QueenRatchet123: Like there's no debate. Rifle weren't cutting it, so they are getting buffed. :romeoMug:
Today, 03:39 AM
velmarg: Dem changes though. Freedom will ring.
Today, 03:36 AM
velmarg: I mean, it's the unit with arguably the best scaling into the late game, with low recruit/reinforce costs being compared to the unit with the WORST scaling, lowest durability and highest recruit/reinforce costs of any of the core combat units.
Today, 03:36 AM
QueenRatchet123: It not a "gigantic deal". But its massive when an inf squad is cheaper than yours and can scale better. Again, it doesnt matter, usf is getting massive buffs.
Today, 03:35 AM
iTzDusty: Yes, grens are pretty nuts, don't get me wrong. People make it sound like the end of the world though, and thats where it gets annoying to argue when one person thinks its a gigantic deal.
Today, 03:10 AM
QueenRatchet123: Grens are a huge reason why usf gets raped by Ost. It doesnt matter, usf is getting massive buffs :romeoMug:
Today, 03:04 AM
iTzDusty: I mean when you are trying to address for the 60th time why Gren LMGs are more cost efficient and it isn't the reason they are losing as USF, I guess you lose your mind.
Today, 02:53 AM
iTzDusty: No dude Im totally an elitist prick when it comes to arguing, I'll admit. I'll dismiss 90% of peoples arguments without telling them why they are wrong because I don't find it worth my time and point to my stats.
Today, 02:52 AM
FestiveLongJohns: @Dusty, You're not an elitist prick? Just embrace it man!
Today, 02:50 AM
iTzDusty: Man, I don't really know to argue on the coh subreddit without sounding like an elitist prick. Like, quoting unit stats or explaining abilities get met with the dumbest remarks.
Today, 02:45 AM

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