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REforever: A gren squad should lose the engagement if they're caught out of cover, and rifles close in on them, but no way should a Rifle engage Grens(In cover) at long range, close the distance then force a retreat.
Today, 05:24 AM
REforever: There's a difference between beating grens in a 1v1, and completetly steamrolling them with no regard to cover.
Today, 05:23 AM
Lumpy: beat*
Today, 05:21 AM
Lumpy: and rifles SHOULD be grens 1v1, they cost more. Cons is more about positioning. Cons can't bully grens as well as rifles can.
Today, 05:21 AM
Lumpy: the rifle grenade is arguably, if not hands down the best grenade in the game
Today, 05:20 AM
Sierra: the M24 Stielhandgranate which was standard issue and had been since WWI. Though aound 1939 they were creating round frag grenades called Eihandgrenate. (Egg-Hand Grenades)
Today, 04:58 AM
Sierra: Besides that, I am sure it's apparent to anyone and everyone here that Ostheer Grenadiers are easily bullied out by American Rifles and Conscripts closing in close quarters almost effortlessly. I'd think a simple solution would be to equip Grenadiers with
Today, 04:57 AM
Sierra: What's it matter if I don't play Allies? I shouldn't have to be pigeon holed into playing factions that I don't feel like playing just to have an enjoyable experience.
Today, 04:56 AM
momo4sho: the obvious axis bias in these players posts are quite obvious. Its like they dont play the other factions, and from looking at Sierras playercard that seems to be correct
Today, 04:54 AM
REforever: Even legendary Obersoldatens once upgraded can't even take Rifles with LMG upgrades.
Today, 04:30 AM
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