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March 31rst Update starts in...


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empirescurropt: guard*
Today, 20:42 PM
empirescurropt: but still man 3 shots its a pz4 reket 2 shots a stug rek now it thsi bufff ^^ will be extremely dificult to catch a jackson off gurad
Today, 20:42 PM
Katitof: Looks like I'll have to bring another bucket for Sierra as well. Maybe Alex will share one of his?
Today, 20:41 PM
Sierra: MG-42 having some extra suppression and damage will help, but its horizontal traverse is so damn slow that it can't make any use of it. Which is hilarious because the thing was praised for being lightweight and having a quick traverse and a withering ROF
Today, 20:40 PM
empirescurropt: im truly against the jackson buff will eb crazy overpower but i agre buffing th su85 it nedd it so could penetrate the kt front armor but since the nerf on kt dont now how it going to work so wait and see
Today, 20:40 PM
Blysk: buffs which are not enough to make them playable 1vs1
Today, 20:40 PM
Blysk: *wchich are cheap in comparison to OKW and better than Ostheer (same/ similar price). OKW can't counter even infantry now (they couldn't counter double T 34/85 earlier, but Panther is good against IS). Only good change is less "1 shoot kill" and ostheer
Today, 20:39 PM
Sierra: What in reality happened is that Axis blobbing was neutered but not eliminated and Allied blobbing was pretty much encouraged. American rifleblobs will still dominate everywhere, as well shocktroops.
Today, 20:39 PM
empirescurropt: just man tiger are bad that front armor penetartion dont nedd moutch to kill a tiger it p47 suport or just at gun from usf its more cost effective wts the point having a heavy tank if its ussless in late game ^^!!
Today, 20:38 PM
daspoulos: Mg42 and sniper were changed correctly, 222 still could of done with amor and damage for 30 fuel. FHT still extinct. Late game
Today, 20:38 PM

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