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Brachiaraidos: With all the nerfs it isn't even that good at wiping squads any more, it ususally tops out at 2 to 3 models per shot (3 to 4 on ostruppen or volks), assuming it hits at al
Today, 16:05 PM
Burts: i dont know, ISU-152 doesn't even squadwipe alot of the times, most of the times it leaves the squad with 1 guy
Today, 16:05 PM
Brachiaraidos: The ISU is a massive, slow feck with no turret and no MG's. Killing a king tiger is about three times as hard, and the allies are making do just fine
Today, 16:05 PM
Brachiaraidos: And the Brummbar wipes soviet squads all day for much cheaper non doctrinal fun. It even got a buff recently. And it tank shocks more reliably, has a vet barrage, and does massive damage on a pen. And yet, nobody cries about that.
Today, 16:04 PM
TopBadger: And yes I know the ISU is effectively a howitzer on wheels but the AoE damage needs to be toned down to avoid consistent full wipes that break games. Not inherently an overpowered tank but the wipes need dealing with.
Today, 15:58 PM
TopBadger: @Abdul: He was saying it was easier as OKW. Also my 2 cents: tanks should NEVER wipe a squad a full squad in one shot. The ISU does, like a very accurate and constantly firing howitzer.
Today, 15:55 PM
Abdul: @Kronosaur0s: not really I killed so many times using panthers as OKW. In fact if you have command panther its even esier to kill it, you get the extra sight and the accuracy buff ability to target the ISU
Today, 15:45 PM
Abdul: key to destroying ISU is panther, for okw that's a peice of cake, but for OST its a problem, relic needs to address its cost/teching for it to be vaible counter to ISU
Today, 15:44 PM
Bulgakov: "Brachiaraidos: ISU's aren't all that. I don't get why people still get their panties in a twist about them these days." Because it one-shots vetted squads. How are you not getting this?
Today, 15:44 PM
Kronosaur0s: Because if you dont have jagdtiger, its pretty much gg
Today, 15:42 PM

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