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Rage Hard: ISU is good but KT is better
Today, 09:25 AM
Morderian: well grens are not that bad i think what ostheer needs is an early cqc unit for certain maps (not counting pay docs ofc) but well that is more vcoh Whermacht dreaming
Today, 09:25 AM
Morderian: well they are both not the best unit and are support/meatshield with volks they are afterall no grenadiers ok they mabe could get an mp40 upgrade for nostalgia and about the ppsh well they are doctrinal and most of these docs are not the best with no calls
Today, 09:22 AM
Rage Hard: chuck a nade
Today, 09:21 AM
Rage Hard: Volks easily beat unupgraded cons and penals for that matter
Today, 09:20 AM
Sierra: Besides, Rifles and Conscripts also come from the base building. The only infantry unit that doesn't come from the very base building are Grenadiers, and they require the first building Ostheer can build, and tbh they are pathetic without an LMG-42.
Today, 09:17 AM
Sierra: I will promise you Volks are definitely not on the same level as scripts, especially scripts with PPSh's.
Today, 09:16 AM
Morderian: well with volks you should not forget that they are coming from your base buiding and are inexpensive they are on the same level as conscripts and the ISu well i heard in the new beta it finally got its deserverd nerf
Today, 09:14 AM
comm_ash: P4s are situational, and the repair is also situational.
Today, 09:14 AM
comm_ash: Sierra, Elite Armor is my favorite OKW Doctrine lategame, and I will tell you why: You get HEAT rounds, for more pen and reange. You get a maphack for all enemy armor. You get a cheap commander for more sightrange and a cheap anti-artillery g\arty.
Today, 09:13 AM

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