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sherlock: Shoutbox logic: There is a huge balance problem. Allies op: we lose 3 games for every 20 we win - Sierra Nov 23 2014 *clap *clap *clap
Today, 11:44 AM
BabaRoga: No man, its pretty much impossible to play as Axis. Everyone is playing as Alies because its easy mode. You can only win vs complete noobs as Axis, just play as Alies if you want to win
Today, 11:39 AM
Sierra: So I guess it's just not worth playing the game unless you're playing Allies at this time hm? =(
Today, 11:32 AM
Thunderhun: Soviets are broken and OP...end of story :P
Today, 11:31 AM
Sierra: Or maxim spam into shocks into T-34/76(or 85), IS-2, and ISU-152 spam. I'm not trying to rant, just describe the issues that seem to keep crushing us. :<
Today, 11:30 AM
Sierra: We aren't a bad team either. We've worked our way to 54 as far as arranged team 4v4's go with only 3 defeats total amongst over 20+ victories. We tired 3v3 since our 4th guy wasn't around. We were just getting rolled by tons of American rifles blobbed
Today, 11:27 AM
Thunderhun: Con spam is OP.......lame as hell
Today, 11:27 AM
Burts: <444>3 conscripts
Today, 11:24 AM
BabaRoga: German team having trouble in 4v4? Play as allies, they are so OP you gonna be steamrolling everybody. Because you are used playing with Germans who are so underpowered and weak.
Today, 11:17 AM
vasa1719: Optimization Kreygasm
Today, 11:15 AM

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