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COH2 Replay Tools

One of the most useful tools available to Company of Heroes players was dyxtra's Company of Heroes Replay Analyzer. The ability to view detailed information regarding replay files was invaluable to casters, tournament players, and fans alike. Unfortunately, dyxtra is no longer around the CoH scene, and he's been resistant to requests that he release his source code.

However, with the help of pingtoft's excellent CoH1 replay parser and with some help from Relic on the technical side of things, I would like to present to you the Company of Heroes 2 Replay Tools. This is an ongoing project based on COH2.ORG's replay parser, which itself is a modified port of pingtoft's parser code linked above. Over time, I aim to match the featureset of the original CoH Replay Analyzer and provide additional functionality based on community demand and the addition of new replay functions.

Currently, the tools are extremely basic. You can view basic information on any replay from patch onward, and easily view the COH2.ORG ladder playercards of any players in your replays. Thanks to assistance from Relic, I am in the process of implementing build order information, and I have plans for additional features in the future. Check back here often, I'll be updating as I go.

Of course, like any piece of software, use at your own risk; I accept no responsibility for any damages suffered as a result of using this software. To download the latest version, please go to this thread:

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KovuTalli: Aimed shot + smoke + Micro = "Doing Nothing" some people who play this game seriously.
Today, 17:37 PM
Sunrain: anyone of u saw that new commander in our loadout? urban breakout doctrine?
Today, 17:36 PM
KovuTalli: Lol when people say Puma is Overpowered because it beats Sherman, I used Aimed shot, Smoke and then got to rear armour while he just let it sit there with no support. Yeah Puma needs a nerf guys and I "did nothing it just won"
Today, 17:36 PM
HYBRIDHAWK6: So. All WFA commanders are purchasable. Unfortunately there is no new Sov/OT Commanders on sale. Those still require War Spoils luck ;/ .
Today, 17:35 PM
HYBRIDHAWK6: Hirmetrium. They are £2.09
Today, 17:33 PM
Hirmetrium: Also still no bundle. Ah well, its a start.
Today, 17:32 PM
Hirmetrium: those commanders are still too much in the UK. Would rather £2.
Today, 17:29 PM
empirescurropt: ltaustinpowers sure man if you up to it i love to team up
Today, 17:28 PM
QuicksandGM: It's in the forum, on this very website
Today, 17:26 PM
Jewdo: Where is the patch notes please?
Today, 17:23 PM

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  • Soviets flag mTw.HelpingHans
  • Oberkommando West flag -HOI- bazor
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