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Abdul: If that is the case, no wonder we get some people on the forum willing to say anything to promote their favorite faction
Today, 15:23 PM
Burts: yes, abdul, many people prefer a certain faction because they assiocate it with a country
Today, 15:20 PM
Abdul: u think people play a certin faction because they associate with the country it represents or because of the play style of the faction?
Today, 15:10 PM
boxman80: cheers!
Today, 15:09 PM
Cannonade: Regarding "appeal" and popularity of factions... http://www.bbc.com/news/27685494 Germany is at the top. Russia near the bottom.
Today, 15:07 PM
FichtenMoped: Message a Red or Black Admin
Today, 15:02 PM
boxman80: How do you get a clan sub board?
Today, 14:57 PM
Katitof: Abdul balance aside, playing allies equals to frustration and boredom. Relic can't fix that, they fucked up allied faction design, they won't admit it and won't fix it despite being told so for 1,5 year about sovs and USF are even more boringAndPredictable
Today, 14:51 PM
Abdul: I just think many of the good allies players are not playing now. So even if you play axis and get a good mate u wont enjoy the game much
Today, 14:40 PM
Katitof: Low0dds it happens like this if you have not up to date game, see if you got the recent patch
Today, 14:39 PM

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