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IpKaiFung: just felt hung out to try when things went to shit
Today, 17:47 PM
IpKaiFung: when we brought up the issue of getting abused by other players we were basically told that we were on our own. The alpha test player list is also public so anyone can read it and know who's in the group.
Today, 17:46 PM
Von Kluge: Regardless, useless discussion, I'm back to my beer cabinet.
Today, 17:45 PM
SturmTigerGaddafi: IpKai is right. Alpha testers have minimal to no influence on what actually goes live in a patch.
Today, 17:45 PM
Von Kluge: the stuff WFA testers complained about was reported by alpha testers 2months before that... pretty sure they don't keep us as an excuse more than for advice, it just sucks when people give you shit for things you have no control over.
Today, 17:44 PM
braciszek: Sounds like Relic keeps beta testers as an excuse more than for advice... WFA testers can definitely vouch for that (given the ignored reports of bad things that somehow came into release)
Today, 17:42 PM
Von Kluge: It's always nice to complain if you don't know what's going on ^^
Today, 17:39 PM
IpKaiFung: because the remaining alpha testers don't deserve abuse from other players. What goes into patches isn't up to them and all they can do is give suggestions and opinions to preliminary changes.
Today, 17:37 PM
BartonPL: dafuq with elite armor commander? :snfAmi:
Today, 17:29 PM
The_rEd_bEar: not my fault, why do you even care? i thought you threw a tantrum and quit
Today, 17:28 PM

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