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Coh2 gameplay

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8 Jan 2013, 18:07 PM
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i found it yesterday on youtube. check it out. *removed*
8 Jan 2013, 18:38 PM
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I'd remove it, until NDA is lifted.
8 Jan 2013, 18:39 PM
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CoH2.org is helping out Relic by not propagating this kind of stuff (this video breaks the NDA). So, what I'm saying is, your post is not going to last long.
8 Jan 2013, 19:20 PM
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locked & link removed. pls respect the NDA.
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Star Crossed Cup EU Finals starts in...


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TheMightyCthulu: jonass33 or something?
Today, 20:33 PM
TheMightyCthulu: I told him he needs to build armour and he said he wasn't that guy.
Today, 20:32 PM
TheMightyCthulu: He sounds excactly like a guy I played with that ripped into me because we lost, because all he did was spam MGs and Ostruppen early game, and we ended up losing late to armour.
Today, 20:31 PM
Mr. Someguy: Well he was facing a Tiger Ace as allies, "they are useless" is not totally wrong.
Today, 20:31 PM
TheMightyCthulu: Beinhard, what was the user's name?
Today, 20:31 PM
Beinhard: just wow, lost a 2v2 because my partner didnt build a single tank: "because im not a tank guy, they are useless", right after he lost eerything he had to a tiger ace....
Today, 20:27 PM
dasheepeh: dat sturmtiger reloading on the move, you saw it happening
Today, 20:18 PM
rezzzzen: just for the lulz
Today, 20:18 PM
rezzzzen: i saw 3 guys going elite and vetting sturmtiger to vet5
Today, 20:18 PM
TüMe: In that star crossed cup, is it NA vs EU ?
Today, 20:18 PM

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  • Oberkommando West flag L E M O N ?
  • Ostheer flag Dizilluzion
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