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Coh2 gameplay

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8 Jan 2013, 18:07 PM
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i found it yesterday on youtube. check it out. *removed*
8 Jan 2013, 18:38 PM
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I'd remove it, until NDA is lifted.
8 Jan 2013, 18:39 PM
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CoH2.org is helping out Relic by not propagating this kind of stuff (this video breaks the NDA). So, what I'm saying is, your post is not going to last long.
8 Jan 2013, 19:20 PM
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locked & link removed. pls respect the NDA.
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kamk: Apparently not. He maybe outplayed you somewhere, somehow. Also keep in mind that all CPs yield fuel (and ammo), which is even better.
Today, 02:01 AM
taxman66: I had p4 and was getting second and he already had is2...I had 1 fuel point the entire game and was holding onto it...still not enough apparently...
Today, 01:59 AM
Hon3ynuts: Pgrens are pretty good vs cons
Today, 01:54 AM
kamk: Pen of AT nade is fine. Back up your tanks, and he will lose a squad for every try.
Today, 01:41 AM
taxman66: Cons are just so fucking OP imo. They're at nades should have lower pen and US at nades need higher pen.
Today, 01:36 AM
taxman66: Lol cons deny fuel and munitions for gren player because grens never win against cons unless they have mg42. The way this game works is that higher numbers = massive advantage. It's impossible to flank with grens because you're already outnumbered.
Today, 01:36 AM
kamk: Well, i think they scale nicely with the repair package, and still got AT nades and molotovs on the table. But overall they aren't too hard to beat.
Today, 01:30 AM
miragefla: Conscript spam is the least of Ostheers worries since it's something that most people have dealt with since the start of the game and conscript spam scales poorly.
Today, 01:09 AM
taxman66: Conscript spam is way too viable. Wehr cant counter.
Today, 01:06 AM
jakeera1995: so true jelly
Today, 01:01 AM

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