russian armor

semoiskiy 2 german tigers. vs 4 su-85

by undostrescuatro 11th September 2013, 00:53 AM

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Duration: 00:42:28
11 Sep 2013, 00:53 AM
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su got overnerfed. tigger too buffed. at least i destroyed his infantry. tigers cant cap. how many at nades does it take to get a tiger. a whole load.
11 Sep 2013, 11:24 AM
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11 Sep 2013, 21:13 PM
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the video is too HD for my slow internet. i kind of want to hear the coments. but i cant lower the video quality.
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Beinhard: hmm might give that a try :P
Today, 21:25 PM
m00nch1ld: yeah play beta. its balanced, usf finally op Kreygasm
Today, 21:24 PM
Romeo: just play beta instead
Today, 21:21 PM
Beinhard: It was random 2v2 AT, I know its shit going 2v2 USF
Today, 21:21 PM
Beinhard: @GBPirate, thanks! rock-bottom on motivation to continue :/ @TheMightyChtulu Yeah I killed 4 tigers 2 Aces with 2 Jacksons,but then glorious jonas33 with no tanks had no army left lel
Today, 21:20 PM
QueenRatchet123: heres a tip. DONT go double USF
Today, 21:19 PM
m00nch1ld: lost panther to a t34 Kreygasm
Today, 21:15 PM
TheMightyCthulu: Hahaha, funny that he said pretty much the exact same thing.
Today, 21:15 PM
Gbpirate: Beinhard, I'll watch it... probably tomorrow? Haha maybe tonight. I'll send you a pm. Maybe I'll watch it now. Who knows. I'm sorrry. USF can be frustrating as fuck sometimes.
Today, 21:15 PM
Beinhard: Some-one please tell me what went wrong... because my USF-feels is nearly at zero ;-; http://www.coh2.org/replay/25841/some1-please-enlighten-me
Today, 21:13 PM

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  • Soviets flag Xoctic
  • U.S. Forces flag xinying
  • Oberkommando West flag L E M O N ?
  • Ostheer flag Dizilluzion
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