russian armor

semoiskiy 2 german tigers. vs 4 su-85

by undostrescuatro 11th September 2013, 00:53 AM

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Duration: 00:42:28
11 Sep 2013, 00:53 AM
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su got overnerfed. tigger too buffed. at least i destroyed his infantry. tigers cant cap. how many at nades does it take to get a tiger. a whole load.
11 Sep 2013, 11:24 AM
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11 Sep 2013, 21:13 PM
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the video is too HD for my slow internet. i kind of want to hear the coments. but i cant lower the video quality.
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BlackKorp: RELIC!!!!!!!!
Today, 09:35 AM
Australian Magic: Ostruppen + T4 in 1v1 and still ruled. Lol
Today, 09:35 AM
Blalord: @AchtAchter, We dont really care of reality in Coh2
Today, 09:32 AM
FaustCostBulletin: As everyone in a typical squad were trained to wield MGs and the squads were larger than in the game so a typical engagement would last longer.
Today, 09:16 AM
FaustCostBulletin: That's actually quite true. Germans relied on MGs for their squads and Soviets quickly started to shred the gun; if you shoot the gunner his buddy will just pick it up
Today, 09:15 AM
AchtAchter: Don't you know? Soviets used their PTRS in WW2 to precisely destroy MG42s, they were not hitting the gunner himself, but only the Gun, since they were ultimate marksmen
Today, 09:14 AM
Jason: PTRS is OP
Today, 09:08 AM
Burts: im currently abusing dank hunters to find out.
Today, 09:06 AM
Burts: the PTRS is probaly OP on both gaurds and cons. But its too early too tell.
Today, 09:05 AM
Blalord: But PTRS users can seek green cover, the others no : p
Today, 08:56 AM


Russian Federation 117
Russian Federation 4
unknown 2

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  • Soviets flag [TAW] Beria L. P.
  • Oberkommando West flag HelpingHans
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