russian armor

semoiskiy 2 german tigers. vs 4 su-85

by undostrescuatro 11th September 2013, 00:53 AM

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11 Sep 2013, 00:53 AM
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su got overnerfed. tigger too buffed. at least i destroyed his infantry. tigers cant cap. how many at nades does it take to get a tiger. a whole load.
11 Sep 2013, 11:24 AM
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11 Sep 2013, 21:13 PM
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the video is too HD for my slow internet. i kind of want to hear the coments. but i cant lower the video quality.
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Sierra: @Taxman66: You know how some units can upgrade to PPSh's... do you think they should be droppable like every other upgrade weapon?
Today, 04:01 AM
braciszek: Recon support company, i mean.
Today, 03:43 AM
braciszek: The commander is pretty bad, and it is hysterical when the enemy tries to make use of one.
Today, 03:41 AM
taxman66: You know how some units can upgrade to mp44s...do you think they should be droppable like every other upgrade weapon?
Today, 03:40 AM
Corp.Shephard: That's the rifle that "executes" hurt infantry.
Today, 03:40 AM
Corp.Shephard: I suspect basic Pathfinders are better than RE troops but I think they use the carbine. Either way it's the Springfield that makes the Pathfinder dangerous.
Today, 03:40 AM
Corp.Shephard: I&R Pathfinders don't have the Springfield Sniper Rifle so they're just like... three REs for combat I think.
Today, 03:39 AM
braciszek: 1 on 1 a kubel will lose to an m3. The thing dies if it does any drastic flanking maneuvers.
Today, 03:33 AM
Sierra: To lose your M3 to a kubel is to mean you died by not microing properly either. It's completely RNG based in any case.
Today, 03:01 AM
What Doth Life?!: to lose your Kubel to an empty M3 means you idled in front of it for more than three bursts. That's a micro issue not balance.
Today, 02:24 AM


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