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SNF5 First Quali Tourney Sign-ups are open


Sign-ups for the first #SNF5 event are open

Sign-ups for the First Quali Tourney of Sunday Night Fights Season 5 are now live. This tournament is open to all Company of Heroes 2 players. It will take place on Saturday, November 2nd, and Sunday, November 3rd, 2013. It will culminate in the Best-of-5 Contender Bout #1, on Sunday, November 10th.

Registration will remain open until Friday night, November 1st, at midnight GMT. Registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Our tournament target size is 64 players, but we will expand this to 128 if we get over 200 registrations. This is due to the average 40% no-show rate. Additional players will be added to a Waitlist.

All players (confirmed and waitlisted) must check-in on the first day of the tournament, Saturday, November 2nd, between 14:00 GMT and 15:30 GMT. After players are checked-in, we will publish the brackets and you can make your threads and start your games. Please read the rules for more details about how to check-in.

To sign up, please follow these steps:

Finding Your Steam Alias and Steam ID#

Your "Steam Alias" is the in-game name that you use when you play Company of Heroes 2. Your "Steam ID#" is a 17-digit number that looks like this: 7656119xxxxxxxxxx. There are many ways to find your 17-digit Steam ID#. One way is to go to your profile in Steam. If you right-click on your name, you can "Copy Page URL." For example, my page URL is http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197993926044/. My Steam ID# is at the end of the url: 76561197993926044.

Some players have custom URLs, so another way to find your 17-digit Steam ID# is to use one of many handy web apps, like http://steamidfinder.com/ or http://steamidconverter.com/. Those websites will convert URLs or other Steam names or IDs into the 17-digit number.

*Optional: you can add your Steam ID# to your COH2.ORG User Profile. Hover over your name on the top right corner of the site, and go to "My Profile." At the bottom of that page, in "OPERATIONS," click "Update Profile." In the field next to "Steam," please enter your 17-digit Steam ID#. This will allow us to provide cool features, like linking your Livestreams channel to your Ladders Player Card.

Good luck, have fun!
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iTzDusty: mebe in a abiterino
Today, 03:17 AM
Seph: 2v2erino
Today, 03:15 AM
Seph: dusty
Today, 03:14 AM
iTzDusty: forums warssssssss. Forums warsssssssss. Forum wars everybody!
Today, 03:08 AM
WiFiDi: i am telling you that if you have an issue instead of derailing threads please pm mods or admin that is all in thsi case please pm marcus
Today, 03:08 AM
ilGetUSomDay: much to do with allies but defending the game from extremests claiming the game is broken...
Today, 03:06 AM
ilGetUSomDay: He asked for axis buffs when it was needed as well, It is just that up until the march deployment patch two, Soviets were pretty much the under-preforming faction. Hence, the more soviet based arguments. Many of his reccent posts have not even had
Today, 03:06 AM
Porygon: His argument is sound, but not valid.
Today, 03:01 AM
Porygon: but it doesn't stop him from being ultra biased towards Allies, especially Soviet
Today, 02:59 AM
Porygon: I don't see any difference between vetlolcake and Katitof, only they choose different side, but at least Kat support his words with stat
Today, 02:58 AM

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