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New Osstrupen Strategy Showcasing Unorthodox Play.

by Rubbers 28th September 2013, 00:40 AM
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28 Sep 2013, 00:40 AM
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This was a well fought match that shows the power of the Ostruppen doctrine. Truppen/Sniper/1MG start. Lots of converting fuel to muni for those giant artillery call-ins. Unorthodox play.

Both players are ranked 200 to 300 in 1v1.

So far since using this doctrine this is the closest game ive had so i knew it would be good replay. The cheapness of the Osttrupen squads makes it easy to keep map control even when losing battles. They make great meatshields, scouts, and recrew field weapons,.. but the munitions for fuel trade is probably the most powerful part of this doctrine. In my opinion, the strength of Osttrupen is to be spammed in the late game when your both starved for manpower trying to keep your armys afloat, this will overwhelm your enemy who cant hold all the VP's/Fuel and fight the bulk of your actual army at the same time... not so much to be spammed in the early game.

Game lasts about 40 minutes and is epic back and forth. So fast forward if you like short matches :P
28 Sep 2013, 07:04 AM
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Pretty nice. I can see this doctrine working well for sheer staying power. In bloody battles being able to have so many squads for recrewing all the equipment lying around is a real benefit. In the early game you're really lacking though? You get run off a lot :)
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TNrg: Vladislav: how?
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Mr +: this site is full of moderator and few subscriber lol
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Mr +: yeah they nerfed the jeep of usa but forgot to nerf the kubel. balance team knows how to work XD
Today, 09:06 AM
Vladislavs89: you should be able to get the Kubel straight from the start though. Otherwise it loses a lot of its strengths.
Today, 08:59 AM
TNrg: give it a 15 fuel cost and the abusing will stop
Today, 08:47 AM
TNrg: it needs a fuel cost for a downside. it's a lot better than the scout car for what it does and it doesn't even cost fuel like the scout car does
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AchtAchter: Sierra 1vs1 is balanced, the kübel just needs a price increase that's all imo
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Purlictor: get better
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Sierra: Everyone 1v1 I play, I remember why I stopped playing 1v1's and 2v2's as OKW and as Germans altogether....
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