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Tourney Sign-ups and Steam ID#s

Hello COH2.ORG users,

This is a quick newsflash to remind you that the sign-ups for the Semoskiy 1v1 Tournament, which offers over $300 worth of prizes in gamekeys, are now open. To sign-up, you need to post your Steam ID# and Steam Alias in this thread:

The second point of this newsflash is to ask all users to find their Steam ID# and enter it in their COH2.ORG user profile. Hover over your name on the top right corner of the site, and go to "My Profile." At the bottom of that page, in "OPERATIONS," click "Update Profile." In the field next to "Steam," please enter your 17-digit Steam ID#, that will look like this: 7656119xxxxxxxxxx.

Finally, remember to set your "Steam Visibility" to "Public" and click "Save." Once your COH2.ORG profile is linked to your Steam account, we will be able to provide cool features in the future. One of them already works! You may have noticed the little soldier icon on the portal under LIVESTREAMS Details.

  • This icon is a click-able button that will take you to the PlayerCard of the streamer.
  • This icon means that the streamer has not linked their COH2.ORG profile to their Steam account.

There are many ways to find your 17-digit Steam ID#. One way is to go to your profile in Steam. If you right-click on your name, you can "Copy Page URL." For example, Ami's page URL is http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197993926044/. His Steam ID# is at the end of the url: 76561197993926044.

Some players have custom URLs, so another way to find your 17-digit Steam ID# is to use one of many handy web apps, like http://steamidfinder.com/ or http://steamidconverter.com/. Those websites will convert URLs or other Steam names or IDs into the 17-digit number.

So find your Steam ID#, and put it in your COH2.ORG profile! Later, you will have the option to display a link to your PlayerCard under your avatar in the forums. And we hope to add cool tools to search for replays of a particular player, or automatically sign-in and check-in to tournaments with your Steam ID#.

Got a question or suggestion? Leave us a comment below. Thanks!
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kreatiir: Only 3h before we start the SEMI-FINALS of the Rewind Masters. Sit back and relax @ 21.00 CEST - RewindTV
Today, 16:23 PM
Albus: Really? According to your playercard napalm, you've never played an axis game in your life
Today, 16:15 PM
Napalm: I've killed many Dodge's with my bear paws.
Today, 16:09 PM
The Shape: Ive killed many M3 and jeeps with mines.
Today, 15:24 PM
taxman66: Yeah sturm pios do great damage but arent cost effective... If you can lose 3 sturms and you dont take any of their men, just do about half damage and they can get that repaired...
Today, 14:59 PM
braciszek: Sturmpioneer + Raketenwerfer?
Today, 14:33 PM
empirescurropt: vs teh jeep you got advantage at long range it volks and sturm combo
Today, 14:32 PM
Gneckes: if they can get a nice flank, yes
Today, 14:31 PM
Burts: the counter to early light vehicles, is suprisingly sturmpioneers. They hurt M3s/ jeeps like hell.
Today, 14:27 PM
taxman66: It's fairly easy to micro around a rak, and its not a sure-fire killer like a shrek, which would take a few minutes to get. Mines are also pretty hit or miss and they take quite a while to build.
Today, 14:17 PM

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