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WiFi's Tournament of Gamekeys Broadcast Shows

Get ready Company of Heroes 2 fans, because the latest in CoH2 events is just around the corner! WiFi's succinctly named Tournament of Gamekeys kicks off this weekend on August 24th, when 64 players will battle it out for a chance to win their share of a hefty prize pool of Steam or Origin games!

The sign-ups currently stand just shy of the cutoff point, which means that if you haven't already signed up, there's still time! Sign-ups will close on August 23rd.

For more information about the tournament, including the rules and full prize list, check out the official newspost here.

Naturally, no Company of Heroes community event would be complete without a full roster of livecasts, and here the casters of the CoH community have you covered.

Saturday, August 24th : Rounds 1, 2, and 3

7pm GMT, 8pm BST, 2pm CDT, 12pm PDT
Rogers & Pounder
Presents the highlights of Day 1 of the tournament!

Sunday, August 25th : Semi-Finals and Finals

7pm GMT, 8pm BST, 2pm CDT, 12pm PDT
The Frontline Network
Presents the final rounds of the tournament, and reveal the winner!

So bring your popcorn, crack open a beer and relax; and prepare for a weekend of Company of Heroes 2 action!
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Sierra: Ninja nerfed? No, they were hotfixed and nerfed a bit though.
Today, 11:30 AM
Ziplon: have Assault engies been ninja nerfed since the last patch?
Today, 11:28 AM
Sierra: Eugh.. how many times do I have to explain the difference between Volkssturm and Volksgrenadiers? =(
Today, 11:20 AM
Sierra: Infantry shouldn't be doing that period. Hell the AI for infantry back in CoH1 was 10x smarter than this.
Today, 11:16 AM
raw: the cover 'signal' is bogus @taxman66, cover is calculated individually for each model.
Today, 11:12 AM
raw: all infantry does that @sierra, volks and cons are just more prone to it b/c the squad size is larger
Today, 11:10 AM
Beinhard: Vet 5 Obers is love and life
Today, 11:02 AM
Sierra: What's worse, and very noticeable in Volksgrenadier squads, is that the models actually run forward and out of cover to engage an enemy rather than staying at their current position and firing from it.. it makes them very unreliable to hold a position.
Today, 11:00 AM
taxman66: Yeah that's pretty bad and its made even worse considering that coh2 pathing is horrid compared to coh1 pathing. BK Mod for coh1 had the right idea of giving a 'hold position' command for all inf, so they dont run out of over or whatever.
Today, 10:24 AM
Spanky: some models don't take cover, you can see them being a little bit further from the wall or fence etc. So the MG will pin that squad, which is stupid i know.
Today, 10:20 AM

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