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Elite Mod Company of Heroes 1v1 Tournament

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce the latest rejuvenating modification for Company of Heroes; Elite Mod. For those of you who haven't followed the design process over the last three months, Elite Mod is the culmination of work between Tommy and Kolaris, alongside help from Kiraye and Khorney and input from the entire competitive CoH community to create the ultimate version of CoH.

Elite Mod set out to achieve three key objectives:

- To bring the game to the most precise point of balance yet
- To fix any and all lingering bugs and exploits
- To add tactical options and enhance depth by making previously unattractive options more useful, and dialing back 'overpowered' units and tactics

I am proud to say that although there may yet be a few outstanding issues to resolve in the future, the mod has met these aims completely.

Of course, the ultimate test to see just how these changes affect the game in real terms is to watch the very best players duke it out in classic 1v1 fashion. To this end, The Frontline Network will be hosting the first Elite Mod 1v1 tournament on the 1-2 February with a livecast of the semi-finals and grand finale at 7pm GMT on Sunday February 2nd.


[size=4]Elite Mod 1v1 Tournament
64-slot Single Elimination, $200 prize pool[/size]

Saturday, February 1st, 5pm GMT
R1) Angoville
R2) Langres
R3) Semois

Sunday, February 2nd, 5pm GMT
Quarter-Final) Langres
Semi-Final) Angoville
Final) Langres/Semois/Angoville

Each round will be a best-of-three, with the exception of the final, which will be a best-of-five.

1. $125
2. $50
3. $25

Sign ups will open on Friday 17th January at 5pm GMT in Events Central.

Sign ups have now opened! http://www.coh2.org/topic/13050/elite-mod-1v1-sign-ups

No invites and no reserves- be there or be square! Sign ups will then close the following Friday 24th at 5pm GMT, and the seeds will be published shortly afterwards with more details about the TFN broadcast show.

Until then, get out there, and get practicing!

Check out the changelog in the spoiler:

For any questions about the mod including troubleshooting technical issues, post in the official Elite Mod thread found here: http://www.coh2.org/topic/10886/elite-mod-coh--download-and-changelog.
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@Brian: Anyone tried running a performance test in Coh2 recently? Bugged since last patch for me. Either my comp is dying or...:/
Today, 18:14 PM
VonIvan: I have noticed AOE wise that the USF grenade has a slightly larger area of affect than the volks grenade.
Today, 17:58 PM
TNrg: but with the USF you need to unlock the nades even if you have all the tiers teched
Today, 17:54 PM
IpKaiFung: volks grenade literally teleports from pocket to on top of your men in no time at all
Today, 17:53 PM
TNrg: i guess that's true. also the volks' nades come with no additional cost, basically you will never stay at T0 so you get the nades for free, kind of
Today, 17:53 PM
IpKaiFung: riflemen grenade animation is so long you can cook a three course meal in the time it takes for the grenade to leave the guys hand
Today, 17:53 PM
Cruzz: Basically the volks grenade is miles ahead of the riflemen one because it takes several seconds less to throw+explode
Today, 17:48 PM
Cruzz: Because they have the slowest throw known to man, with a large tech cost, for a grenade that is, while not the weakest, hardly a strong one either
Today, 17:47 PM
TNrg: why? i think they squad wipe pretty often
Today, 17:46 PM
Cruzz: Yes, molotovs are even worse in the long run, but riflemen grenades get second place in the shittiest grenade ability olympics
Today, 17:44 PM

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