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kamk: Because you've been lucky to get it back then, otherwise... no chance. And yes, it is fun - they had it in the commander rotation.
Today, 22:35 PM
Sierra: Not Obtainable? =/ I own it and use it regularly. It's been very fun.
Today, 22:21 PM
kamk: CAS is completely different, and not obtainable either.
Today, 22:19 PM
Sierra: Plus the Anti-Infantry Strafe completely shuts down blobs before they can do any damage.
Today, 22:17 PM
Sierra: I think Close Air Support works better in team games to be honest. You can still go with the Grens + Pgrens option and completely eliminate StuG's altogether since the AT Strafe can eliminate up to 2x medium tanks if you aim and time it properly.
Today, 22:16 PM
kamk: Works more nicely in team games of course. Faster CP means smaller window for enemy mediums. Some Grens and PGrens with maybe a Stug is all you need.
Today, 22:15 PM
Sierra: The Pgren callin seems a might bit expensive imho and it's no substitute for Tier-2 with PaK's and Pgrens without a fuel cost, as well as standard halftracks that are more durable.
Today, 22:12 PM
Sierra: How is that inaccurate or misleading? Those are factual. =/
Today, 22:11 PM
Katitof: Oh look... more sierra with inaccurate, misleading bullshit.
Today, 22:11 PM
kamk: Well, it's a "light" arty, and the pgren callin isn't too bad either. Overall good doc for skipping tech nearly completely.
Today, 22:10 PM

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