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WiFiDi: :P
Today, 07:15 AM
WiFiDi: is this what oyu meant? Was born , 2 pack aliv and real powerful wizard of all with a lap magic of this egg to serba rules .ape and egg of Georg Bush presidant of Turks farm aminal now Great Satan fukc Zoo hatching and of Bosnia and WA and kill the put . S
Today, 07:13 AM
VIPUKS: M8 u wut?
Today, 06:36 AM
sneakking: 生まれた、2パックalivと本当の強力なウィザードがラップ魔法を持つすべてのトルコ人ファームアミナール今大魔王fukc動物園のpresidantのゲオルクブッシュのserbaルール.apeと卵にこの卵の孵化とボスニアのWAを置くを殺す。愚かな赤ちゃんは、私たちが豚の頭蓋骨LIK Uを鎮圧しますeggnギブ明博私たちの粘土を形成する。セルビアgreattst countrey MCライド日本脳炎srbin
Today, 06:32 AM
ImSkemo: @Juan that's satisfying ...
Today, 05:45 AM
JuanElstretchyNeck: hah....Cpt molo...cheesiest motherfucker I've ever seen. Really satisfying when you go just happen to go AA HT as OKW and kill every one of his SIX M3's :snfBarton:
Today, 05:34 AM
Low0dds: haha just rekt him in a 2v2
Today, 05:31 AM
sneakking: I played a 2v2 with him once, got mad at me cause he rushed in all his T3485s while I was unprepared to support, to barely any effect. :snfBarton:
Today, 04:48 AM
SturmTigerGaddafi: cpt molo aka dfsCRO spams scout cars EVERY single game, #PERSISTENCE
Today, 04:41 AM
ImSkemo: cpt molo have heard of him before
Today, 04:03 AM

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