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AmiPolizeiFunk: sign-up sign-up sign-up! gogogo
Today, 13:59 PM
kreatiir: hours*. aiai kreatiir.
Today, 13:12 PM
kreatiir: Sign Ups close in a few houres! Grab your chance to get that golden plate! http://www.coh2.org/topic/21144/-1v1-summer-cup--season-1/page/2
Today, 12:59 PM
Cannonade: PWerfer had fewer shots, in a smaller radius, which hit slightly harder (for vehicles), whereas Kat has more rockets, in a larger radius, with a bit less penetration. I think the CD was roughly the same. Seemed to have been fine imo.
Today, 12:50 PM
Cannonade: The core asym,etry between PWerfer and Kat, used to be size of the template. Aside from a small durability difference, the real only other difference was PWerfer hit in a smaller template, whereas Kat had a larger more random one. Dunno the changes.
Today, 12:19 PM
KovuTalli: Really sick of these black screen bugs that force me to restart my PC, they are tied to the games resolution changing.
Today, 12:18 PM
ofield: Panzerwerfer was always that good, even before Kat buff, just no one used it, because t4 is a very late game thingy.
Today, 12:14 PM
lethalpi: thnx for reminder kreatiir, just signed up
Today, 11:58 AM
KovuTalli: Ah I thought you ment in game hehe, my bad, but Panzerwerfer does seem to of had a similar buff or performance in game to Kat now.
Today, 11:50 AM
Cannonade: Especially so they could use captured stockpiles of Soviet rockets :D
Today, 11:47 AM

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