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Vote for updated commander portraits

Do you want to see them in the game instead of default ones?
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1 Apr 2021, 18:53 PM
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As some of you know, we with Kasarov created pack of adjusted commander portraits for the CoH2. More detailed information you can find there: https://www.coh2.org/topic/105654/adjusted-commander-portraits

Question is simple. If it was possible, do you want to see them in the game?
Some commanders will be updated to match with new ability roaster, since announced commanders patch is huge.

Some comparison pictures, created by Sander93

Main goal - standartisation in location, colors, and used assets on the portrait, so you can clearly recognise type of the commander.
Here are two examples with Tiger and Guards commanders. As you can see, they now have a standardised look (coat/cape) for the key commander ability/theme.

This thread is for vote.

Thank you!

1 Apr 2021, 19:01 PM
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I like the original soviet commander portraits because of their serious, unsaturated, gritty, and almost boring feel.

I do not like the oversaturation of soviet commanders. They have too much color.
1 Apr 2021, 19:14 PM
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Big +1 for the Ostheer commanders, especially because they look so slick and organized unlike the current mess we have right now.
1 Apr 2021, 20:11 PM
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Hell yes please.
1 Apr 2021, 20:48 PM
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The portrait system to ID what commander your using is...lets just say subpar generally speaking...but these new portraits are a significant improvement on the current ones. I say yes!
1 Apr 2021, 20:50 PM
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The portrait system to ID what commander your using is...lets just say subpar generally speaking...but these new portraits are a significant improvement on the current ones. I say yes!

It's an alright system if you have a small number of Commanders, you can get an idea of who has what by their uniforms and such. CoH2, mostly Ostheer and Soviets, just have way too many and most of them are just guys in officer uniforms.
1 Apr 2021, 20:59 PM
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Nice stuff, I would love to see these changes.
1 Apr 2021, 21:05 PM
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Relic should be paying you for this, holy shit.

This is some really high quality stuff and I also really like your idea for the categorization of commanders as well.

Albeit there's the problem of a unit being removed or added to them with that.

So for example if the commander on the portrait has binoculars but his artillery gets removed then yeah...

But otherwise the new portraits are just more uniform and look superbly.
1 Apr 2021, 21:24 PM
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Love the theme between Tiger/Guards commanders. Hell yes all around
1 Apr 2021, 21:26 PM
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This shouldn't even be discussed. In the game with them, now.
2 Apr 2021, 09:35 AM
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I asked for it a while back. So yes please
2 Apr 2021, 09:40 AM
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new stuff means content so its good
2 Apr 2021, 16:45 PM
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Yes, these are great.

The only thing I would change is to make the Soviet commander backgrounds slightly less blue and more "greyish"
2 Apr 2021, 16:51 PM
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2 Apr 2021, 16:52 PM
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Although I love the portraits and the idea it might be going a bit to far.

I would agree with change that made Tiger commander to have tank crew uniform or Artillery commanders to wear artillery uniforms but imo that is enough.
2 Apr 2021, 18:28 PM
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its looks amazing, so definitely yes
2 Apr 2021, 20:27 PM
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Overall looks good.
2 Apr 2021, 20:54 PM
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Would like to see them in game and voted yes.
3 Apr 2021, 09:52 AM
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Really like them and hope to see them going live.
3 Apr 2021, 11:23 AM
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I think polishing the existing ones many of which are off-position or have inconsistent filters applied to them (all previous commander patch portraits) would be a much more acceptable proposition to Relic.
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