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Feedback for Commander Revamppatch

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27 Aug 2018, 20:30 PM
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Enjoy the mod and play alot of games.
After this pls give feedback here.

You can find infos


HERE(offical forum)
27 Aug 2018, 21:39 PM
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The description of everything is a mess. Lack of spaces and bold.

As for the mod it's great.
27 Aug 2018, 21:41 PM
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The description of everything is a mess. Lack of spaces and bold.

+1 A lot of things are incredibly vague.
27 Aug 2018, 21:44 PM
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Uhm not sure if this is intended but Stormtroopers lost the tactical assault ability. Without it, they feel even more lackluster than before tbh and they only barely win a 1v1 vs Ostheer pioneers with 33% health left.

If tactical assault is supposed to be removed, then I suggest adding a nasty "first strike out of cover" bonus to them.

Oh and I am not a fan of the Ostheer defense doctrine revamp. It overlaps way too much with the Osttruppen doctrine now... it even feels like an advanced version of it.

Just an idea: Maybe swap out the Osttruppen with Booby traps? So that grenadiers and Panzergrenadiers can lay booby traps on territory points just like Obersoldaten or JLI from OKW. Just copying it over from OKW would be an option, but it would be also possible to change it up a bit... for example it deals only 50% damage compared to the OKW version but it pins all infantry squads in a 15 meter radius and costs 40 munitions

27 Aug 2018, 21:45 PM
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+1 A lot of things are incredibly vague.

+2 on that one, and I don't know why but the USF and UKF changes look rather underwhelming compared to everything else for some reason.
27 Aug 2018, 21:51 PM
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NKVD changes feel more like a nerf rather than buff.

Commisar unit has *VERY* weak and underwhelming abilities compared to Ost Arty officer and UKF Airlanding officer.

Removing Fear Propaganda but leaving IL-2 kinda does go against commander theme and might make it even more weaker than it currently is.

Also Ost Defensive doctrine is basically Osttruppen doctrine now, but much better.

Maybe you should consider Goliaths indead of Ostruppen?
1 of 18 Relic postsRelic 27 Aug 2018, 22:04 PM
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The formatting works better on our actual blog here.


If you agree/ disagree with the points raised by other people (after playing some games) be sure to comment so we can evaluate the overall sentiment toward that particular change.
27 Aug 2018, 22:23 PM
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First impressions/thoughts about the Elite Armor doctrine:
When i read the changes i was really disappointed. But i have to admit that auto-repair and the new tank commander are really nice abilities so far.:thumbsup:
Not so sure about the Sturmtiger, i personally would like him to go but i have to test him. But Signal Relay should definitely go; its underwhelming and still to expensive. I would really like to see it replaced by "Panzer tactitian"; smoke would be a great addition for the expensive OKW-tanks.

27 Aug 2018, 23:38 PM
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M10 Tank Destroyer

Aimed HE round ability added that will blind enemy tanks and disable weapons for a short duration enemy tanks for X seconds and provide decent effect against infantry.



Mortar Halftrack - Removed

WTF? Keeping the M3, putting it in HQ but dropping the mortar HT? Oh man...


Rapid Conscription – Removed

Recon Flight - Removed

Fear Propoganda – Removed

Commissar Squad (New Unit)


And lol @ Commissar squad. I've always loved NKVD. Oh well.


Stormtroopers have been added to the doctrine. Furthermore Stormtroopers have undergone a rework, to make them a more attractive choice across doctrines. This redesign intends to differentiate Stormtroopers from Panzergrenadiers, by moving them more towards a potent close-range unit, with strong disruption and ambush abilities.

Added to the doctrine
Now equipped with MP40s
StG Package removed
Panzerschreck Cost from 75 to 60
Decapture rate from 1 to 1.33


I mean...

I'm downloading this mod right now, but seriously, WHAT?

28 Aug 2018, 00:20 AM
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Might something have to be done about the Elite Troops G43 upgrade for the Stormtroopers? Right now they get a mix of 2 G43s and 2 MP40s which is very strange.
28 Aug 2018, 00:40 AM
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What they didnt mention in patch notes but said in chat is: trooper mp-40 have higher DPS than after-buff Shock PPSh's.

This is better off clarified in patch notes, otherwise people might get scared of mp-40
28 Aug 2018, 00:45 AM
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Tactical Movement – Removed'

It still shows on mine. What was it replaced with? Maybe it's just because whatever it was replaced by uses the same icon.
28 Aug 2018, 02:37 AM
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The changes to the 45mm AT gun are fantastic and finally make it a worthwhile (and surprisingly fun) unit. So really well done with that!

It might be worth considering giving it faster movement speed while cloaked as a vet 1 bonus, the movement speed while cloaked is painful slow.
28 Aug 2018, 02:51 AM
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First impression after a couple of games (sorry, just with AI, I have no friends :P ):
- Assault Engineers: 5th man is a good change
- M10 Wolverine: don't really get the HE shell. Blinds (but does not stop the main gun from firing). Also, the AoE on the shell is really small. Don't expect the HE shell do wipe infantry.
- M4(105) Sherman Dozer: kills infantry more reliably, but still more akin to a StuG E with a turret than a Brumbar. Vet bonuses are pretty sweet, on the other hand.
- 240mm Artillery: marginally more useful, more effective (esp. against stationary targets like OKW HQ trucks) because it has a higher chance of hitting things.
- M21 Mortar HT: the track-in-fog of war bug still happens, I think
- M4(76) Sherman: good changes, less popcap and fuel cost makes it more attractive
- Sappers HEAT grenade: not the way I would have liked to implement it but it works. Still, I have to see what's it's like against a competent player.
- Infantry Section Mines: don't really get the purpose of this change.
- Sexton: good changes, more reliable damage and much better range
- Valentine: still not good enough. Reliably loses fights to even an Sdkfz. 234/2 Puma.
- Perimeter Overwatch: seems to be more reliable; the old ability fired shells far too slow to do anything but create pollution
- Churchill Crocodile: quite strong now, can easily best any Panzer IV
- Recovery Sapper Squad: it gets a niche role as a salvage and repair unit
- Forward Observation Post: I still think the ability range is a little too short, much like the coordinated barrage ability the assembly has

Will try SU and WM changes later.
28 Aug 2018, 03:34 AM
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I guess this mod is gonna give people a lot to talk about.

Armor company:
I still think RNG bombs will keep been some russian roulette with how extensive and "random" are the fall from those shells.
Lots of number tweaking. Only "controversial" thing would be the performance of that HE shell. Not sure if overall this will make Armor meta again.

Welp, RIP doge.

Overall, USF changes seems kinda underwhelming. Safe, not as interesting as the other factions.


Welp. Here it is. Snares.
Better late than never with the artillery commander changes.
Party cover says goodbye. Welcome our new Crocodiles overlords (hope it's not the case). Forward observation post change also long overdue.


Commissar n scorched the earth sounds nice. Let's see if that KV8 change will open up more commanders viability.
Same as before, long overdue changes to meme AT gun. Someone will need to run a calculator to see if the Shocks changes are good or barely noticeable.

PD: someone remind me of the effects of SU FHQ atm.


Long overdue changes. Command Panzer/Emergency repair could be spiced a bit more. Still don't think the changes will meta those commanders. Overwatch seems nice for 2v2.


Prostruppen 2.0.
Meme sector artillery seems will still be meme. Might had some unexpected results depending the maps. (say a cut off basically affects most territories)
The so asked for 5th model for OH. Is is a different entity than the normal models ? Does this mean extra repair for Pios ? Can you still pick up weapons with 5 model grens ? Will the 5th model be able to perform the same abilities as other models ?

28 Aug 2018, 03:58 AM
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Since someone decided to invis my first post....

Potentially problematic:

Croc callin

Royal engineers with snares.

Elite vehicle crews from USF

Valentine/Sexton combo


LeFH in overwatch coupled with maximum vision trucks and flares everywhere. Also its 1-3 vet is matching ostheer which is a massive buff, all while having better base scatter stats.

5 man grenadiers

Stug E

Other things which are too vague which raises concerns are the M10 HEs, perimeter overwatch from UKF, M-42 AT gun, and stormtroopers honestly look terrible.
28 Aug 2018, 04:44 AM
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Forgot OKW in my previous post:
- Panzer Commander: decent change
- Emergency Repair: decent change, although has the hit-when-repairing-instant-decrew thing been removed?
- Sturmtiger: doesn't wipe even a single squad from a blob consistently, although it does do massive damage. Also, the suppression wears off too quickly.

- Sdkfz. 234 Puma: tied to BP2 works to curb Mobile Defense call-in meta
- StuG E: more reliable, decent change
- Tactical Movement remains in German Infantry (?)
- Veteran Squad Leaders: the Pioneer squad leader is really strong, but the Grenadier one leaves something to be desired. 5-men grens with a single G43 does not outperform 4-man grens with a single LMG42 in every matchup (Rifles, IS, Penals, Guards, DP Guards, Shocks, LMG Paras, LT, SMG Paras), and at best matches the LMG-equipped squad.

I suggest combining a 5th man with the G43 package, 60MU cost but gives a 5th man and 2 G43s, see how they perform that way.

Also, why not give PGrens a 5th man? :P

- Stormtroopers: a lot stronger than expected, they are better at close range than Sturmpioneers (but still lose to Shocks, SMG Paras, SMG Rangers, they are about on par with Commandos).

I suggest adding Tactical Advance to their base kit (when they're not upgraded with G43s or Panzershrek).

- Commissar Squad: both abilities seem quite decent, can reliably turn engagements. The squad itself isn't too strong, however.
- Scorched Earth: activates far too slowly. The flare reveals the squad, but by the time the flame mortars drop, the point is pretty much capped. At best it drains your opponent of a few resources, which is actually worse because your invest 35 munis to stop your opponent from getting 5 muni +3 fuel/7fuel /11muni.

I suggest that the entire point burst into flames immediately, effectively denying a cap, and remove the stops-income part.
KV-8: holy cow this thing is strong. 1v1 a PaK 43, anyone?
Shocks: they're more powerful, but still not as strong a SMG Paratroopers or SMG Rangers.
Forward HQ: works a lot better, could open up use of Urban Defense on... non-urban maps
M-42 45mm: very reliable against light armor, ambush camo is great, but only buffing close penetration it kind of moot as by the time tanks like the Panzer IV or Ostwind close in your ATG needs to relocate (or die). Also, I suggest giving it extra penetration as the first-strike bonus, as that's definitely what it lacks (unless the typo in the notes is supposed to mean that it gets +20% pen?)

I suggest a small buff to penetration across the board, like 140/120/100 (flat 40 across all ranges).
28 Aug 2018, 05:05 AM
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I'm very confuse about the rework on the Wehrmacht side, for the german infantry section do those old abilities changed to the newer for infantry focus ones?
28 Aug 2018, 05:48 AM
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Churchill croc is again beast it deserves to be. Also the foward obesvation post upgrade seems really attractive now. Stug e for defensive doctrine seems bit weird and alongside osttruppen, but i like it, now its nice sidegrade of osttruppen doctrine. Assault engineers are also looking great.
28 Aug 2018, 06:06 AM
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Is it only me, or did they overbuffed the croc? I mean...a tank with high HP and armor, with turrent which can deny any infantery and AT gun AND now even can take out any medium tank and can even deal with panthers? Stick it with one allie TD...and you overrun everything your oponent can have easily.

And comon...OKW get nothing? Even the crap STtiger was nerfed ...again?

There is alot allie biased develop behind this...
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